Zero Punctuation: Prince of Persia

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Yet again, it seems Yahtzee is going out of his way to find extra flaws. He comments so meekly on the perks, and then wastes a large majority of time complaining about all kinds of things. Then he says it's nice, and complains that he enjoys it.

Everything becomes so very bizarre when Yahtzee wants to like a game, almost because he can't bring himself to. Despite all of that, at least it's a step in the right direction, even if it's still trying too hard to be something it isn't anymore.

That's what makes his reviews so popular.

It amazes me how often ZP's analogy of "beating a dead horse till its twitching resembles action" (to paraphrase) fits for so many titles.

i say the graphics are cool. but yeah its a little repetative... ok it gets a little tiresume after a while with all the repetitiveness but i digress, its ok with me but i doesn't seem like a game that you want to play again after you beat it

Good to see Yahtzee after the shitastical clip show last week, which didn't even deserve the comments it got.

Glad to see that he still (kinda) likes the (kinda) series, even through all of it's trials and tribulations.
And he's still pissed about Mirror's Edge! Hah!

i never did play any of the PoP games, I feel like I'm somehow missing out...

I can understand why he dislikes Mirrors Edge. The only positive features of that game are the graphics and, i guess, the plot. The gameplay looks so frustrating, especially when she does a forward roll. >_>
If it had a better camera angle...then maybe it would be a game worth renting at least. lol

Good review as always.... i have nothing to say that hasn't already been said

I loved the The Nameless One reference near the end since I had just minimized PS:T to watch the video :P

Oh crap, I haven't laughed so hard at one of Yahtzee's reviews in ages.

Thank you Yahtzee, for keeping me laughing all the way into 2009...

Oh, and spot on with the review as well.


Erg - I have to say that I agree with everything regarding the game play, but definitely disagree about the dialog. I thought it was really well written (though his point about constantly slamming you with plot elements you understood ages ago was quite apt.) I also wish Yahtzee would stop with his American bashing...when is he, Europe, Australia, and frankly, a lot of America, going to realize that we as Americans are nothing special. Everywhere in the world is filled with idiots, assholes, pedophiles, immature people, and commercialism. Just because we are in the limelight so often, and just because we constantly have stupid shit jammed down our throats (because we are a huge world market) doesn't mean that your smart ass sweeping stereotypes about this huge fucking country are justified.

I loved the The Nameless One reference near the end since I had just minimized PS:T to watch the video :P

And that is why I loved zero punctuation...

kinda thought he would be more brutal towards it but ill have to agree

Another amusing review of a game I will probably have to play once I find the keys to my self-imposed Wii dungeon and snag myself a real console. (Around November or so, when Brutal Legend comes out... and 100 bucks says Yahtzee's gonna review it!) Now let's see how many times I watch it whilst I twiddle my thumbs and wait for next week's review. ^^

I actually thought about buying this game too. I'll wait till it comes down in price.

I wouldve loved the game but it strayed away from the sands of time... everything looks good though except the combat..

good review, didnt find it laugh out loud material, yet its still good to see yahtzee getting his nickers in a twist over PoP
liked the joker-B. franklin though...

Finally he reviewed it!

It's nice that he likes it but this one wasn't really funny.

i got a boner when he said something about a girl massaging you while you watch her twin sister doing aerobics in a leotard 3 sizes to small

Good review as always!

ok what is up with this US bashing the game was made by Ubisoft Montreal (thats Canada) and Ubisoft is a company that started in France.

i think he sort of liked it... :)

true true seems like every body is wearing there pants on there head today 8D

I'm surprised people think Yahtzee disliked the game. He liked Bioshock, and he compared it to a kick in the balls. I think he hit the nail on the head here. The flow of the game is still good and enjoyable, trading gorgeous cell shading for some annoying quips like the slow sliding down a wall and requiring absolutely no puzzling whatsoever. The combat was everything bad about quick time events ever. Story was generic, but I could enjoy the characters one liners a bit because I just thought of it like a terrible B movie.

true true seems like every body is wearing there pants on there head today 8D


it was okay i guess, a "meh" maybe dont know, its too early to care that much, yet i want to check it out also i want to hear more about yathzees game damage show ;)

Yeah, good point! What's actually gonna happen with gamedamage? Would I be the only person here who thought that the gamedamage pilot was pretty good?

hehe...I like the idea...maybe part of the New Year's celebrations! :P

I just realized his comment about American developers which shows some ignorance considering that its shown in the fucking intro sequence that its by Ubisoft (which is Canadian) and is a Ubisoft Montreal production.

I agree with the POP series being dead. I played the first level of this game and had no interest with the 'freerunning' content, as I've already played Assassin's Creed. =/

I still cackle like a witch every time I see "oh no everyone can see my bum", he must've used that several times now.

Well played.

More than 3 sequels = automatic failure. Like always... but people dont learn.

Wow, thats one big report buton right there. Is it new? I wonder what happen if I press it. I mean its so big how can I not press it. Even if I tried not to press it I couldnt because its so big... damn its big. Did I say its big?


is it just me or did it seem that yatzee actually gave a "glowing" review to a game?

It wasn't quite as positive as BioShock, Psychonauts or the Orange Box, but it wasn't as despicable as Too Human, Condemned 2 or Clive Barker's Jericho. Which means that the shiny new Prince of Persia joins the ongoing cavalcade of mediocrity streaming out from places like Hollywood and Epic.

fixed :P

Anyway while I again think that not being able to die in what is essentially a platformer on roids makes a game too easy, and I still don't agree with the dying in Mirror's Edge being a crucial flow-breaking problem because frankly, hearing the noise of Faith's shinbones going into her pelvis after falling 30 feet to death was awesome for some reason, I can see the point that flow is important.

Still not necessarily agreeing though.

you wait for one persons thoughts on a game. base your thoughts by playing the gaem not listening(although he's probably right).

Haha was a great rant as usual with some good key points!

Well done Yahtzee, you make my Thursdays oh-so-enjoyable.


Well put, i totally agree that slamming America is low because every fucking other nation in the whole world is the same,mabye not as high tech but they have idiot, bitchz, asshole, freaks and everything else and people can only say, "America is the country thats making all the bad stuff happen" FUCK THAT. we have the same problams as them just we are noticed more.

All nations have their good and bad parts. Whether people choose to acknowledge the good or the bad parts is where the problems lie.

Enough said about that really! lol.

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