Guncraft Review - Guns, Cubes, and Guns Made of Cubes

Guncraft Review - Guns, Cubes, and Guns Made of Cubes

From Kickstarter to Steam, Guncraft is the little game that could.

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So it's Ace of Spades?

But like, with more features...

Well I guess the CoD to Ace of Spades' TF2...

In b4 500 people going "Lol, Minecraft ripoff. Don't care."

OT: good to hear this turned out pretty good. Considering the retail version of Ace of Spades was a massive disappointment and this has everything Ace of Spades should have had, I might have to nab this come next paycheck.

This is a thing that happened?

Like, actually?


It looks surprisingly good considering its first impressions. I might grab it on sale.

This has already happened. I used to be a big fan of Ace of Spades (pretty much the EXACT same thing as this game, but less customizable) before it got bought out by Jagex and was completely ruined.


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