LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Slack Off

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So... Why are you guys using currency from the states? Did Graham and Paul take the canadian dollars away too?

I like how this was written by neither Graham and Paul. It feels more authentic. And Cam's film :)

Great episode. Also, I threw in $20 to the LRR Kickstarter! Gotta get you guys to $170,000 at least for that D&D series! :D

Also, Kathleen looks good in skirts! I approve of this stretch goal.

I've come to a certain realization.. When I watch these I laugh..

Why don't I watch them more?

The movie making reminds me of the movies made in school.. well we didn't make that one kind.. er um

I'm thinking that Graham's browser history just had stuff like "Weirdest Skyrim Bugs!" and "Freakiest Looking Arthropodes" and "Wikipedia: List of words that refer to themselves"

There was way more Beej belly than I needed to see, but as much Beej belly as I deserved to see.

I have not laughed that hard in a long time.

That film looks exactly how I would expect a Cam directed film to look.

....and does everyone have that particular prop sword?

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