Warlock 2: The Exiled Review - Strategy Side-Step

Warlock 2: The Exiled Review - Strategy Side-Step

Warlock 2 is a perfectly fine fantasy strategy game.

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This was a disappointing game to me.

I rather enjoyed the first game, but this sequel feels like a step back.

Not a single word of comparison with Master of Magic??

I am disappointed.

You know, Heroes of Might and Magic III had a campaign that was predictable if you played it over and over again, yet it was one of the most masterfully crafted games of it's time and IP. Is Warlock 2 = HOMMIII? No. But I would not judge Warlock 2 so harshly just because it's one campaign mode plays the same each time you go through it.

There are flaws and balance changes and BIG improvements needed to the AI, but this game is more solid than you give it credit for. The Sandbox mode and the open arms policy to mods and campaign creation mean this game has a solid foundation on which it can be built on.

I have a Let's Play series on the game in case you are curious what it looks like and what some of strategic elements go into playing a round of Exalted mode.

Warlock 2 was fun enough playing through Exiled mode then the terraforming douche quest bugged and I was stuck with random terraforming spells being cast on my lands for the rest of the campaign. This made it impossible to rely on any unit I couldn't summon as it became pointless to build anything as it would inevitably be destroyed. Played through Exiled mode for a second time and didn't feel satisfied, felt "Well, that's that then" and went straight back to Europa Universalis IV. Warlock 2 is an interesting idea of a game, but just a bit flawed in the execution.


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