Feed Dump: There's Free Weed In Vancouver Now

There's Free Weed In Vancouver Now

This is not a drill! Repeat! This is not a drill. Also a guy in Florida is acting crazy, but that's hardly news these days.

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Uhh... since episode 1? Well, there was one other time...

I would love baked goods laced with other drugs! What is this fairy land "Vancouver" you're referring to? I'm ready; I have a towel. Where do I ship out?

Was that a Crossing the Streams reference durring the "This Hat" closing?

PAMHTFOWGITA isn't my favourite segment. My favourite segment is Vevuzela News. That should be brought back sometime.

If you don't want to keep your house in disturbingly clean condition, why would you live in one of "those" neighbourhoods?
That dude's really lazy though, he still has his christmas decorations out?

Getting 75 kids to eat dog biscuits is actually kin of impressive. You'd have thought that after a dozen or so that one of them would figure it out but no.

Please say that RA got suspended at least for deliberately poisoning someone.

It's rather amazing at that point that the guy ended up painting the American flag on their house rather than, say, burying the code enforcement officer in their garden next to the tomatoes.

...Man, Homeowner's Associations suck...

(This post is in no way intended to promote or encourage violence towards enforcers of your local Homeowner's Association. However tempting.)

I think they were missing the point with the flag on the house!
It was a representation how the USA looks like! They are in debt, have problems, some parts are still radioactive, ... the house was clearly just a "copy"!

I'd like to join the anti-HOA army, please. Where do I sign up. Do I get Super Soldier Serum?

It's been a long two years for Team Matt as far as Feed Dump is concerned...Wait. Are we supposed to hope that he gets thrown out of school and for wacky '80s comedy/softcore porno reasons has to be a regular again on LRR and simultaneously secretly teach at a modeling academy while dressing as a woman, or just that he and Kristen Stewart get together? I may need to re-subscribe to the official Team Matt newsletter. Le sigh.

I'm probably just a killjoy here, but somehow I don't think I'd trust 'free weed' advertised on Twitter, especially if the cops clearly know about it.

I'm waiting for one of these "Free X" to turn truly sinister. Like the "Pale Luna" creepypasta.

Note: I don't want that to happen, I just expect it will.

Uhh... since episode 1? Well, there was one other time...

That wasn't Paul. That was a Paul Droid. And he doesn't count.

It's rather amazing at that point that the guy ended up painting the American flag on their house rather than, say, burying the code enforcement officer in their garden next to the tomatoes.

No sense in contaminating perfectly good soil....

I've seen so many horror stories in the news about Home owners associations that I'll never move into a subdivision that has one. And if by some chance that is possible I'll find one with the least amount of rules.

Growing up I know there was no HOA in our area. We did have some of those crazy neighbors though. A few times over the years when we went on 1-2 week long vacations we would get back to find a notice from the county health depart though. Seems the county health code said that grass longer than 8 inches in residential areas is a violation. And of course being gone for 1-2 weeks the grass grows longer then that, especially if it rains a lot.

So the point is asshole neighbors are gonna be assholes regardless. Just best to limit their power by not living in a place with a HOA. I know in some areas it's really common and until I moved to a different state I had never really heard of them.

As to how the PA got people to eat the treats, don't underestimate the appetite of children; tell them it's cookies and pass around a box, and there will be nothing left regardless of taste.

Shh, you'll frighten the mustache.

Dudes, some of these animal crackers are freaking delicious. Of course, you gotta find the right brand. Some are made out of dough, just like regular cookies. And they are sweet since dogs go for that as well.
I got this friend with a dog and the dog looooooves himself some popcorn.
So some animal crackers are also sweet.

homeowner association is a silly invetion. they basicalyl exist to annoy everyone to the benefit of noone. and worst thing is they can actually enforce it due to some fucked up neighboaring laws in US. (basically they can fine you for anything that you do if it "lowers the value of neighboarhood")

Kathleen wins for that Churchill inspired speech.

Too bad you lost the armor, Graham. But...where the heck are you going to get the estimated $88 billion for a new suit? *gets looks* Game Theory calculated how much the Diamond Armor is worth, folks. Watch the vid.

No screens on windows == easy insect infiltration == infestations == spread of both insects and disease to the rest of the neighbourhood.


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