Jimquisition: Social Justice Warriors ... and Ganondorf

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Social Justice Warriors ... and Ganondorf

What does SJW even mean anymore when the Sorting Hat is throwing literally everybody into that camp?

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Ok this week, Jim has earned a resounding THANK GOD FOR JIM!

*Clap Clap Clap*

You know what, what was your wish list of things you wanted that was part of your how we can support you? I want to send you something from that list.

Well played Jim. Well played.

In the name of games, and in the name of Jim.

Edit: Just in case, no not a single ounce of sarcasm if anybody thinks that.

I'm first post as well?!

You play a lawful alignment in D&D? That's terrible. Lawful people are the worst, they're the party poopers.


Well, I'm inclined to thank God for you, but you mostly voiced things I've been repeatedly saying for the past week or so, so I am TEH BIAS.

I do sort of wonder about the people making these sweeping generalisations (yes, on both sides, before anyone gets offended that I didn't specifically mention evil feminists who take things too far) and whether they themselves really think of the world in those terms. In black and white. Do they see themselves that way?

I don't know. I'm not sure I even care. But it strikes me occasionally as people start screaming that I'm a "SJW" and everything wrong with gaming.

Edit: Since Jim's already a Social Justice Bard, can I be a Social Justice Rogue? I don't know how they play in D&D 5, but I want to backstab/sneak attack/whatever in the name of God, Jim, and Social Justice!

except that #istandwithjontron started because the actual sjws started harassing the man

Personally, I've always preferred to think of myself as a Social Justice Barbarian.

I just have to stop at the 2:37 mark to say: Sterling that's the closest you have come to say anything negative about Feminist Frequency. Please continue.

Post Watch: Sterling, if you wanna be seen as a semblance of objectivity, maybe you should spread out the criticism.


Thank God for you Jim, this is exactly what I've been thinking for the last week. Throughout this mess too many people on both sides have been trying to pigeon-hole everyone who doesn't agree with them as SJW or misogynist bogeymen (delete as appropriate). Time for the reasonable people to stand up and make clear it's NOT acceptable to harrass or doxx or hack anyone on either side, then we can talk about this like rational people.

Personally, I've always preferred to think of myself as a Social Justice Barbarian.

You burned points on literacy? Dude, that is terrible charop! You're going to drag down the Social Justice Party!

Calm, rational, and the Internet don't go together.

Great points! Also I like your new avatar.

Zero Punctuation came early this week. o.0

Also, I would like to thank you. This was a good video and you got a point across that I wish a lot of people on the internet would grasp: Just because you dislike Anita's video's, doesn't mean that you are a misogynistic frackmankey. Though, I kind of hoped you'd be doing a video on the "Worse than Isis" thingy ...

As for Social Justice Warrior: Warrior's are dimwitted brutes who will blindly charge forward and attack everything in sight. Social Justice Warriors do just that, but for "social justice"'s sake. People therefor are using it as an insult to say you're an idiot for thinking what you believe. It's basically kindergarten tactics, so ... ignore em? (note: Social Justice Activist sounds much better, if you ask me)

Nicely said Jim. I mean I've watched ANita's videos and while i generally disagree with ehr style, she does bring up good points. You are also right that this is not a zero-sum. I don't mind games with strong protagonists, gay protagonists, trans protagnists. Heck my only criteria for judging a game is if I can say 'Yup I'm having/had fun playing it. Was there a strong female character in it. Irrelevant. I'm just as likely to enjoy both. If the rest of the game is good.


This is what I keep telling people and this is how I keep ending up with a face full of shit from those feces-flinging atavists. Another phrase I enjoyed was during a podcast with TotalBiscuit and Jontron it was said that (paraphrasing) both sides have dug their trenches and set up their barbed wire, and it doesn't matter if you have a red cross on your helmet. If you're spotted in no-man's land, you're getting an artillery strike on top of your head.

Disappointed by how little of the video was actually about Ganondorf.

I'm not the only one who is totally confused about what's going on am I? I mean I know people are being ass hats on the internet is nothing new, especially towards that Anita chick and the discussion about women in games; but apparently it has gotten a lot worse since the last time I bothered looking about this stuff.

Brilliant just brilliant thank god for you Jim. I really want to be a social justice bard or if that's taken I guess I could be a social justice monk.

Wait, there's a costume of Skylanders Spyro?

As for the episode, I agree with pretty much all of it. I can't help but laugh whenever I see "SJW" used seriously as an attempt to demean someone.

"Oh yeah, social justice, what a shitty concept"

Also, dibs on Social Justice Mage.

Aww :(

I wish I was an Eldritch Knight, that subclass just immediately grabbed me and screamed "PLAY ME!".

But I'm a DM, and DMs don't get to have player characters. So, instead, I'm stuck with my 16 year old hyper-happy blonde girl that the party assumes is some kind of demon. Purely because she has always been happy to see them and lives in a creepy old mansion in a fluffy pink room.

I am thankful you remind people of the depth of things Jim. I really dislike being labeled as a tinhat nut job for just wanting to know about how certain things played out, like the relationships between devs and journalists and how deep it goes, or where the hell all the money that Anita got went to...

It does not automatically make you a crazy person to be a skeptic of all sides of an issue, but it seems that people on one side more than the other tend to think that fact.

It is funny how 'feminism' has become synonymous with 'evil, baby-napping swamp witch' and 'social justice' is now apparently the Iron Curtain.

Ah, well, you know, it's a problem with our society. People don't actually discuss things, people fling insults and threats of violence at each other until every discussion becomes not about presenting arguments for your cause but too claim some sort of moral high ground which is why nothing is ever actually resolved. I'm gonna be honest, I don't like Anita Sarkeesian. In fact, I rather dislike her. Not because in necessarily disagree with her opinions in general but because I still maintain that she had to right to ask for money for her opinions and that she set a bad precedent doing that but that's not even the point. Even if you hate what she does for all it's worth, as soon as you threaten her with actual violence you are wrong. I'll say the same about the controversy over Zoe Quinn and the journalists she slept with: I do believe a number of people should be fired over this. I don't think, however, that any of them deserve death threats. Because I think we should be better than that.

Can't we just all be friends and enjoy gaming together? How hard can it possibly be? Maybe i'm too naive, but i hope that one day, the gaming community will get their shit together and start acting like mature adults. Gaming is full of problems but it's never going disappear and nobody is gonna take it away from us. Solving those problems will make gaming a better place from everyone and in my book, the more people that get's into gaming, the better.

Also, this need to be said. Those people who are afraid that video games will somehow change for the worse or that someone will take their games away from them are cowards. Simple as that. Games aren't going to disappear because some people are pointing the various problems withing them so calm.the hell.down.

I'm still somewhat disappointed that such a nice sounding name has been tarnished by the internet.

Thank God for you, Jim Sterling, I hope this toxic industry doesn't bring you down more in the coming weeks.

I generally agree with the anti game journalism side of this controversy but this is just silly, Jim is not a social justice warrior(btw we really need to find a different term) because he made a joke about ganondorf or because he likes equality, just like how the anti games journalism side are not all sexist pigs because a few assholes have been harassing people.

The extremists on both sides of this shitstorm scare me, it's why despite mostly agreeing with one side I'm neutral, since I'm not a internet celebrity I can thankfully do that.



As usual Jim, a great video (alas, too short but then you couldn't make a video long enough for some people) that I hope makes sense.


Yeah, it's about all there is now, isn't there?

You play a lawful alignment in D&D? That's terrible. Lawful people are the worst, they're the party poopers.


Neutral can swing any way it wants!

Calm, rational, and the Internet don't go together.

It does on the Escapist

I can't help but see a rather heavy irony in telling people "It's not black and white!"

Whilst labelling anyone on a certain side as looking for "Conspiracy theories" and various other condescending terms.

If we want to talk about labels, how about we go both ways?

Well said Jim. I don't know where so many people appear to have got the idea that there's only room for one narrow set of tastes in the biggest entertainment industry in the world!

All these people, acting like their holding the line against the onslaught of 'Social Justice Warriors'... do they not realise that the things they think they are defending are not actually under threat at all? Do they realise that if the SJW's 'win', all that will happen is we may get slightly more variety in the themes and motifs presented in some games in the future? That doesn't mean anything that already exists has to go away. Nobody is going to be forced to hand over their old copies of DOA or GTA in order to 'get with the times', and the industry will still be making games that appeal to those same set of tastes for many, many years to come. They'll just be slightly less of the majority of what gets made any more. That's it. That's all anyone in this mess is 'fighting' for.

In the spirit of the episode, I don't want to insult or pigeon-hole anyone who's on the other side of this debate. But all the same I must ask, what exactly are these people so afraid of?

I wish to be a Social Justice Dragon Shaman. They can be stupid-overpowered if you know what you're doing. Plus I want to be obnoxious and promote faith in a randomly colored dragon of my choosing. Element-Breath the non-believers!

OT: Amazing I was writing something for my blog with a similar train of thought in mind. Course, I'm still lost in the mindset of people who are still harassing Anita and Quinn and pushing this whole SJWs are evil business. What is their end goal? What do they think they can gain from this hurtful and immature response to everyone else acting like rational adults in regards to gender/political discussion in videogames? I'm starting to think they're of the Joker-mindset and just want to watch everything burn with no real end-game in their consideration. And if that's the case... that's kind of depressing.

The Lunatic:
I can't help but see a rather heavy irony in telling people "It's not black and white!"

Whilst labelling anyone on a certain side as looking for "Conspiracy theories" and various other condescending terms.

He really doesn't do that, he claims that its irrational to assume that there's a massive conspiracy between internet blogger to control the game industry.

Feeling like video game journalism is very biased is not the same thing as thinking there's a massive conspiracy.

Not being "in the loop" so to speak, I had no idea that SJWs were a bad thing. I can't believe that some people think that social justice is a bad thing, it boggles the mind.

But it also makes me think of Santos' speech in the West Wing about how liberalism somehow became a bad thing. I liked that speech. Thank God for Jim reminding me about it.


Both sides have gone insane and are taking things to far. I'm just hoping we can end PAX quietly and politely. I also hope Twitter will explode. Not metaphorically, like literally. The servers melt or something and people stop using it.

Well well, Mister Sterling.

As a person that only signed up for the Escapist yearly money thing because of your Adblock Video I feel the need to drop by and give some feedback about your video.

It's mostly six minutes of nothing. I'm sorry, it just is. By the end of the video the only thing that I understood for certain is that you are not involved in this whole Gamersgate/Quinnspiracy debacle and that you would rather not be involved on it because you're not really into this kind of stuff. You're not in touch with the people involved, after all.

Which would be a classier escape than going on defense of yourself for six minutes, which is what every single other "neutral" guy did, some with more success than others - TotalBiscuit got away with not taking a side way better than Erik Kain did, although the later's tweets suggested that he personally holds a different stance.

I think we were all expecting the usual more inflamed response from you, but as a fan who pays real world actual money to support your work I'm glad that you didn't went berserker like you usually do, for either side. But you could have done a better job at dodging the bullet, and doing a six-minutes "Seriously guys stop saying I'm an SJW I'm totally not" is most definitely not the kind of content we come to your show to see.

Also loved how you completely forgot to mention the actual issue here, the suspicion of collusion between indie developers and journalists. Guess it's easier to punch Spike Awards in the face than do the same to Kotaku.

Hopefully next week we'll see Jim on a more comfortable position figuratively punching some greedy faceless corporation who do shady things, and not real, greedy people that committed real ethical breaches, in the name of greed, that affect gaming in real, immediate ways.


Calm, rational, and the Internet don't go together.

It does on the Escapist

...Most of the time.

Theres a reason why our local Zoe Quinn flamewar "heated discussion" made it past 9000 posts.

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