Street Fighter IV Characters Join Street Fighter III (Sorta)

Street Fighter IV Characters Join Street Fighter III (Sorta)


Perhaps showing preference to the 2D art style of Street Fighter III, one loyal fan has converted the new fighters of Street Fighter IV into sprites that blend perfectly with the older game.

As seen in the example at right -- and the handful of other equally striking pieces at this forum post -- artist "steamboy33" has taken the dimensions, stance and aesthetic style of each of Street Fighter IV's new fighters and matched them almost flawlessly to the hand drawn style of its predecessor with care enough that they seem to have originated there.

Sadly his work is limited to these static images and sprite rips. To hear him and other sprite art fans on the thread tell it the effort to simply craft these static sprites is immense. Actually creating fully animated sprites for each character would take years of dedicated work.

Even so, it's a damn impressive bit of creative work and almost makes me want to pull Street Fighter Anniversary Edition down from my shelf and remind myself exactly how terrible I am at that flavor of Capcom's seminal fighter.

(Via Capcom)


That... is really SWEET. I know how hard pixel art is to do, let alone high-quality sprite work like that.

*sigh* if only it were real...

Yo, Capcom.

HIRE THESE PEOPLE. I mean, damn.

No doubt, that is really nice. If it was for SF2 it might have been more realistic to make them fully animated, but even though they are static they are pretty flawless. If only they were animated, then they could be added to MUGEN...

Well I can dream can't I?

This is amazing in so many ways. He started of showing two of his favorite characters (Rufus and Gouken) but he's now got (almost?) every unique SF4 character and he also added Cammy and Chun Li.

Yo, Capcom.

HIRE THESE PEOPLE. I mean, damn.

Damn you stole the words from my mouth

capcom sure has a way of converting tears fromt their fanbase to cool white wine.

I really hope someone from their studio is looking at this. SFIII really was the shit after all.


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