XBLA Summer of Arcade Detailed: 5 Cool-Looking Games for $15

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XBLA Summer of Arcade Detailed: 5 Cool-Looking Games for $15


Another "Summer of Arcade" is upon us, and Microsoft has detailed the dates and prices (or rather, price) for its five nifty-looking XBLA downloadable titles.

You know, I think you can definitely put me down in the "fan" category when it comes to Xbox Live's now-annual Summer of Arcade. You get some cool-looking games relatively cheaply, and it's a great way to bypass the standard blockbuster model of game development that takes teams of hundreds and years to complete one title.

Microsoft has announced the dates and prices for this year's Summer of Arcade - though really, that should be price in the singular, because all five of the games will cost you 1200 Microsoft Points, or $15.

* Limbo: July 21
* Hydro Thunder Hurricane: July 28
* Castlevania: Harmony of Despair: August 4
* Monday Night Combat: August 11
* Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: August 18

While I'm sure that Hydro Thunder and Monday Night Combat will be fine on their own, it's the other three titles on the list that catch my eye. Lara Croft made one of my coworkers' top games at E3 2010, I've been a big fan of Castlevania for years, and Limbo? Well, Limbo looks absolutely fantastic and haunting.

If you buy all five games, you get a 1200 point rebate - essentially a "buy five, get one free" deal - and buying three of them will get you an extra 400 points.

I'm getting at least three, I know that much. What about you guys?

(Via Joystiq)


Looks pretty decent. 1200 sounds a bit too much though. Especially for Lara Croft. What, is there Multiplayer or something?

I'm kinda curios about Lara Croft, even if the price is a bit steep. I'll probably try out the demo to see if I like it. I'll wait to hear how long it'll be before I decide to buy it. Sometimes you can get your money's worth if the game is long enough.

The only thing i care about is when Limbo will be released on the PC (hopefully through Steam or Impulse)

Hmm..Only Hydro Thunder and Lara Croft catch my eye. The others not so much.

Not as good as last years. But hey, Hydro Thunder. That's probably going to be the only one I'm getting, but I'm going to try out Guardian of Light in demo form when it comes out.

I hope CV and Lara Croft get a PSN release or something. Mainly CV, you can keep Lara.

I will probally end up getting the last three. They do look pretty awesome, I have to say.

Looks pretty decent. 1200 sounds a bit too much though. Especially for Lara Croft. What, is there Multiplayer or something?

Co-op, I do believe.

I found the previous Summer of Arcade much more appealing. I think I will look into the trails but seems like a giant pass for me.

Limbo and Hydro Thunder FTW.

Straying Bullet:
I found the previous Summer of Arcade much more appealing. I think I will look into the trails but seems like a giant pass for me.

Well last one did have Shadow Complex.

As long as Hydro Thunder still has that same announcer, I'll be good.

I've spent all my money in the Steam sale, but these seem like some neat titles.

I'm interested in trying out Limbo (I have a bit of a weakness for "arty" platformer type games) and I'd like the Lara Croft game to be good or at least worth a look.

I can't say I'm really too fussed on the other three at the moment.

Well i am a Castlevania adict (though i didnt buy the arcade version of SoTN) so Castlevania is on my list, but everything else....maybe next year.

P.S last year had so many blockbuster arcade games...what happened this year, last year had Shadow Complex, and Marvel Vs Capcom (i think, correct me if im wrong) and T.M.N.T...

Wait, are they $15 each? Steam, you have spoiled me so much.

Limbo looks so pretty- it's almost bending over backwards to please me! That game just might be heavenly.

I might have to book the day off work when Castlevania is released. Lara Croft holds no interest for me, MN combat looks like a TF knock off and hydro is out as I dont do racing games. Limbo looks interesting.

The Tomb Raider one has my eye, thats for sure. I think I will definetly have to look and think abot that one!

The games that I'm interested in are Monday Night Combat and Limbo. MNC looks like a fun time and I'm a sucker for an Running Man type schtick . Limbo looks to be a pretty cool platformer with good physics and nice aesthetics. I LOVE Castlevania and all but am I the only one that feels like this game had absolutely no effort put into it? It looks simply like they decided to put SotN, DoS, OoE and PoR in a blender and didn't bother to wipe away the blood. Never the less I will try the Trial. Lara Croft looks ok and its good to see the Tomb Raider series try something new, but I'm really not that interested in it. I don't even think Hydro thunder is on my radar at all.

Overall, I'm underwhelmed, last year gave us the great Shadow Complex which I thoroughly enjoyed and 'Splosion Man, which I absolutely adored. The year before was even stronger with Braid, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Galaga Legions and the masterpiece of Castle Crashers. I think if they'd released the games Battle Block Theater, Comic Jumper, and Hydrophobia then it would have been much stronger.

Limbo looks really cool. It seems like the kind of game I would like. Unfortunately, if there are any problems, it'll be hard to find out about them, because reviewers are going to fall in love with this game.
As a side note, the Escapist is the only site I know that would link to a competing site in order to show its users content (the Limbo link links you to a Giant Bomb video).

I am more interested in Blacklight: Tango Down

Only care about Castlevania.

Limbo is one of those 'artsy' for the sake of being 'artsy' games, imo.

Anyone who played the ones on the DS knows exactly why.

I am more interested in Blacklight: Tango Down

That's out tomorrow.


Sleep tight.

Damn. I thought it was all 5 for $15 at first. Oh well...

Looks cool, I'm going to wait for the reviews to come in but so far all of them look relatively interesting and while I'm not willing to pay $60 for a multiplayer only game $15 sounds about right.

None of them are buy on sight, though the only one that really doesn't look appealing at all is Monday Night Combat. Even Castlevania is a try the demo first game for me as I'm just not sure if the multiplayer focus is going to ruin the game or not.

I gotta wait until the 4th of August for Castlevania? sigh....

Nalgas D. Lemur:
Wait, are they $15 each? Steam, you have spoiled me so much.

Argh, I know, right? I can't buy games above 20$ now even.

Are there any achievements in it?

Limbo. I must have Limbo. It looks absolutely astounding. Here, check it out:

It's the only game I care about in the slightest on this last.

Limbo looks absolutely beautiful and Monday Night Combat looks like someone tried to rip off TF 2, poorly I might add

Limbo is the only one I'm interested in right now. I'll play the Lara Croft demo though.

1200 seems steep! Though saying that wasn't Shadow Complex last year 1600 mspoints?

I will have to get Limbo though. Looks completely unique. Its games like that which keeps me playing games, rather than "pew pew shooty splat dead respawn". May get Hydro Thunder as well, seeing as the original Hydro Thunder was the first PS1 game I ever played.

Are there any achievements in it?

All Arcade titles have achievements. So let's see next Week I'm getting Blacklight, then I'll start buying all of these, then I still have Duke Nukem, Earthworm Jim, Doom 2, and Rocket Knight to buy. Oh and I need to get Crackdown 2 and Green Day Rockband.

I hate being a gamer, it costs so bloody much. It doesn't help that I don't have a job.

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