Kotick Itching to Sell Cutscenes As Films

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Ok who's good with a sniper rifle here?

Oliver Pink:
Pretty much the Only company I'd pay to watch a movie from is Valve.

Now those guys know how to make a good movie:

Or Blizzard, their Cinematic's are amazing.

Ah Kotick, i can't even take you seriously anymore. It's a good job i don't like any of the games you're beating to death.

Wow, the goodwill lasted less than a day. Not even 24 hours after learning Kotick was against in-game ads, we find out about this crap.

But he never was. He was for limiting them if we paid up front. That's all that press release actually says.

Tom Goldman:
It's not like gamers would have to buy these scenes if they didn't want to, but rest assured, plenty would.

Well thank god for that. At first I was really disappointed, I thought Kotick had just pulled them out or something. That would be stupid. This... It seems like a pathetic grab for even more money, but if it isn't going to affect me if I decide to ignore the collections and just play Starcraft then he can do what he wants, and people can buy them. I don't care.

Oliver Pink:
Pretty much the Only company I'd pay to watch a movie from is Valve.

Now those guys know how to make a good movie:


Bungie had better be careful.

They've got some longstanding employees who like writing cinematic scripts, and one of the best score composers in the business.

Kotick may have singled out Starcraft, but it'd be hard to imagine him thinking of this concept and not connecting it to whatever Bungie's next IP is.

I hope Bungie gets power of approval over harebrained schemes like this.

Someone check Kotick. I think he's tweaked.

Ahaha. I KNEW IT. I called it. He would counter himself in the negative again after he made a positive statement that in-game ads are disrespectful to consumers. Now they are going to charge for SOMETHING that's already in the game AGAIN. I rather use Youtube than pay for a half-assed movie. Quality is okay, but does it carry an entire story? No.

People seem to be drawing improper conclusions from this...
First of all, there is a decent amount of cutscenes it Starcraft 2 (to keep with the same example) but there isnt an entire movie.
What he probably means is not completely removing them from the game (In this case, Blizzard wouldnt let him. And yes, yes they can.), it's likely a movie built around the core of the existing cutscenes.

All in all, for me, it's basically like going to the cinema, except its online.
Plus, from where im from, it's cheaper (€20 for tickets for 2 people, obviously multiplied by the more people you have)

From TFA:

"For starters, our virtual characters don't have agents, they don't have managers, they don't have lawyers"

Actually, to the extent any of them have voices, they have all three of those, as well as, quite possibly, membership in SAG.

Kotick has to be thinking that every one of these ideas he spews out buoys Activision stock more than it hurts the company by alienating its consumers and employees.

I'm not convinced it's working.

Personally I think Bobby Kotick is kidding himself. There is absolutely no reason why someone who doesn't own the game the cutscene is coming from would go and pay for it. Even then, you'd have to have a massive hard on for the game in question otherwise you'd probably just find another way of watching a cutscene again rather than spending the amount of money they're suggesting (I know it's just speculation but I wouldn't be willing to spend more than a handfull of dollars on something as trivial as a cutscene i've seen before)

I thought when he started that he was going to make some additional cut-scene quality stuff in order to actually warrant this, but no. Dude, I can already just replay any cutscenes I've unlocked at will, and if you removed that functionality I'd watch them on youtube if I wanted. $20-30? Gotta be kidding.

Dear God, Metal Gear Solid 4 would be about ten minutes of gameplay!

^ Mortons4ck has said about everything I could on the subject.

So they are going to add actual gameplay to MGS4?

it's an RTS theres not supossed to be Cinematics and cutscenes!Thats why i play RTS games!

Tom Goldman:

Speaking about these cutscenes, Kotick said: "If we were to take that hour, or hour and a half, take it out of the game, and we were to go to our audiences [b]for whom we have their credit card information[/B] as well as a direct relationship and ask,"

Does that bit scare any of you? It's like he's saying "Yeah, we have their credit card information. Yeah, I can guarantee they'll buy a copy. They'll buy it so fast they'll even surprise themselves!"

I love how this guy openly says he doesn't care about games and that it's all about the money and so in retaliation millions of people go out to buy SC2! Hah. I returned MW2 the moment I found out what a dick he was. It's only a little bit of revenue lost for them on the resale but it's something.

OT: What a moronic idea. Half of them are on youtube now anyway.


Oliver Pink:
Pretty much the Only company I'd pay to watch a movie from is Valve.

Now those guys know how to make a good movie:

Or Blizzard, their Cinematic's are amazing.

While I thoroughly agree that Blizzard has some EPIC cinematography - I don't think I'd pay for it... Blizzards work is always a small part of something much, MUCH bigger, and most of the story is told elsewhere.

Valve's little 'Meet the Team' videos are basically almost all the story TF2 ever gets, and I'd certainly trust them to wrap up a neat little movie package moreso than Blizzard.

Which isn't a slight against the Bliz - it's more a comment that they are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy to Valve's 'Geri's Game' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m7dcbIKvlw&feature=related

Oh for fucks sake, that greedy bastard is always finding a way to sell more shit.

Well, as long as there is demand ...

I'm sure some Blizzard fanbois would bite, and Activision-Blizzard will announce 'PHENOMENAL SALES' etc etc

Biggest opening weekend of any film ever? This movie geek begs to wholeheartedly disagree with this stupid comment.

But the graphics whores will certainly be there.
So, I guess it's a little too soon to call it.

Anyway, I like the idea, now lest see how good will it turn out to actually be.

Ah yes, Bobby Kotick. I'll have some of the stuff he's smoking.

I say let him do it. If people want to buy that crap let them. As long as they don't start charging extra for in-game cinematics I don't care. But that would cause an outrage of epic proportions and probably cause the first gamers war.

i dont even need to write asshole here. it explains itself.

Or he could get money with a similar and less hate earning method. Game movies USING the same way cutscenes are done. Imagine if the Hitman movie was like a 2 hour cutscene from Blood Money? Agent 47 looking the same, sounding the same, and made by the game developers instead of being ruined by Hollywood.

or movies could be left for directors
and video games could be left for developers

(although i see your point, had the hitman movie been made by the hitman team it would have been infinatley better)

Kotick is one greedy bastard.

Jack and Calumon:
That seems lazy and an excuse for money grabbing. I could watch the cutscenes on Youtube if I wanted to. Also, the gaps where the gameplay was will be around.

Blizzard did this before? Oh... well... Blizzard like money too.

Calumon: I like cake and money. Can I have a money cake?

Well they did one and sold it in extremly limited quantity for hardcore fans, its fanservice nothing more.
Kotick thinks it should actually make alot of money (biggest opening weekend etc)
while Blizz only sold a few to hardcore fans. If you google blizz cutscene collection this thread is entry number for, which should tell you how "underground" it is

Someone check Kotick. I think he's tweaked.

Tweaked is a total understatement he spinning so hard hes boring a hole to hell(which might turn to be to good for him)

also i was so gonna call this or somethign similar when i saw the no adds ingames thing but saw it at school and was late to the party. well i got to say kotic is screwing us more by the day im guessing after the new call of duty the call of duty 1000 or what ever will have montly suscriptions just calling it now. :D

well i got to say kotic is screwing us more by the day im guessing after the new call of duty the call of duty 1000 or what ever will have montly suscriptions just calling it now. :D

Don't jinx it, dude! xD

So is he thinking of completely removing the cutscenes from his games altogether, in a kind of "Game 40 quid, plot 20 quid extra" type thing, or is he simply talking about leaving cutscenes in the games, but also releasing them in a back-to-back format like an optional DVD extra?

Also, how much money does this guy think he needs?

Wait what? You can't just bundle all the cinematics from a game together and call it a movie! It wouldn't make any sense, there would be massivly gaping holes where the gameplay should be.

Christ Kotek, I know you like money, but this isn't evil or bad business practice for a quick buck this is just....mad. The concept makes no sense whatsoever.

remember when some games had nifty features like movie viewer galleries that'd come with concept art and other extras? bobby just killed that :|

How 'bout we frag this commander!

OT: This guy is seriously disgusting.

You could buy the scenes. Or you could, you know, watch them on Youtube.

Cash Cow goes 'Moooo!'

And so long as it keeps mooing, they'll keep throttling its udders. Even if the product is essentially worthless.

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