TGS '10: Tekken Tag Tournament Returns

TGS '10: Tekken Tag Tournament Returns

The classic Tekken Tag Tournament is returning for a second round, and a fan-favorite pair of fighters from Street Fighter III are coming to Super Street fighter IV.

Assistant Street Fighter IV producer Tomoaki Ayano had dropped some heavy hints on who would fill those two mystery slots in the Super Street Fighter IV arcade machines, now we have confirmation: Yun and Yang are being added to the roster. The addition of the Hong Kong twins was confirmed via a new trailer shown during the tougeki tournament.

Meanwhile, Namco's Katsuhiro Harada announced a new Tekken title: Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The trailer doesn't show any in-game footage, but reveals a few of the fighters: Kazuya, Leo, Kazama and Asuka. The game is slated for a Summer 2011 release in the Japanese arcades with consoles to follow later.

TGS 2010 reporting is done jointly by Fintan Monaghan and Lisa Gay.


Oh please let their winning animations be dependent upon who they're fighting with like they did with those two at the end! That would be great. I would settle for him just being a snob to everyone he wins with though.

Yeahh Tekken Tag was a great game.

Well, I thought it was fun :)

I skipped Tekken 6 becuase I doubt it had much of a change from Tekken 5, but this might be worth getting...

"the trailer doesn't show any in-game footage"

So what was the fifteen to thirty seconds I saw with Asuka, Jin, Leo and Kazuya beating each other up?

On topic, I'm super excited.

*passes over Tekken news*

Yun and Yang?! Sweet!

Cool, with Makoto and Yang down, now all that needs to happen is Remy gets some love, and my personal SFIII roster will be complete!

Awesome and just around the time I started to get in to Tekken.

Super...uber......mega...EXCITED. ><

awesome! TTT is my fave tekken game

Tekken Tag was amazing on the PS2. It was the only fighting game I could tolerate and actually enjoy. Beside, there is nothing fun placing two hostile/opposite characters against eachother. They are either taunting or helping eachother before and after a match.

Fun times.

Pure awesomeness. My only concern is how the tagging will playing into the game as the series has advanced pretty far technically since T3. T3 dovetailed so well into TTT because of it's relative simplicity and the depth the tag feature added.

Totally can't wait to play it though. :) My Hwoarang and Xiaoyu team shall return!

So... It'll be...


That's a lot of T's!

so I have both Tekken vs Street Fighter and Tekken Tag 2 to look forward too? My fanboyish craving for Tekken will definetly be satisfied.

Hwoarang and Baek, I will destroy you ALL with my effortless combos!

Hwoarang and Baek, I will destroy you ALL with my effortless combos!

As long as they have that sweet tag throw they had in Tag where Baek kicks the opponent towards Hwoarang and then Hwoarang does his neck snapping side throw.

Oh hell yeah!! Can't wait for this to come out.

This game better have Tekken Bowl. God help them if they don't have Tekken Bowl!

Please fix the summary. The trailer certainly IS in-game footage... :)


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