Gay Gamers Want Dragon Age 2 Writer Fired

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Looked at the petitions...

1186 to 336 in favor of Gaider.


So the straight gamer who wants games to be focused more for straight gamers gets called a homophobe yet the gay gamer who crys fowl at the writers for making a character a sex crazed gay is written off to the category of cant please everyone.
What a crock of shit.

Elaborate. (Not that you will)

Basically I think its bullshit that one person is called out on how he thinks games should be made.That dude wanted games to be made with the straight gamer in mind before others.So everyone here and on the Bioware forums gives him shit about it calling him a homophobe. Regardless of how badly he wrote the post,it was his opinion.

Now the gay gamer calls for the lead writer to be fire because of the way he portrayed some of the gay characters in the game.So now everyone just brushes him off like "lol you can't please everyone." So why is this gay gamers complaint pushed to the side? Ill tell you why.Cause its easier to label someone a homophobe because he disagrees with the gay lifestyle and make him out to be a bad guy.

Its total bullshit that one is labeled a gay hater because of his views of how he thinks romances in games should be,and that the gay person with just as valid a argument about gay characters is lol'ed at.

There I have elaborated.(Even thought you thought I wouldn't)

How dare he not follow everyone's feelings exactly. Especially when their feelings counter each other's. The nerve.

Indeed, where do these unknown people get off having opinions and stuff? Unnamed Gay Person is clearly a straightophobe based on the words he has said and reasonable interpretations that can be gleaned therefrom. This line of reasoning leads to it as a logical conclusion, since Unnamed Straight Person was going on about the mere existence of gays in the game.
Complaints are always equal.

EDIT: Just saw "gay lifestyle". Seriously? Even if you're not being ironic about the pink-mafia-conspiracy stuff, have the sense to not say it in public. Yes, I know you're being "unPC" and such, but sometimes the words you use reflect back on you.

Dude, I've been in rel life and gay people have hit on me. In school, at work, in the streets. Straight people have hit on me, and I've hit on members of the opposite sex. It's called being realistic.

If all you have is a video game where the male and female characters only return feelings for you if you first show them, then you're not really getting a realistic experience of humanity. Being into someone who doesn't return the feelings runs both ways. In my case, it was Anders. Anders flirted with me, he was into me, and I didn't reciprocate. Sure, I got rivalry points. After all, he was heart broken. But that's life right? I gained the friendship points back and he never hit on me again.

The same thing might happen in real life. Say I have a homosexual friend who's had a crush and mistakens my friendliness for a reciprocated crush. He walks up to me and asks me out, I tell him I'm not into men. He's hurt (rivalry, for lack of better term), but we bounce back and we're friends.

I think it's pretty awesome that Bioware made a game in which the characters don't only have interests if you show interest first. you don'tvonly pursue them, they pursue you too. It's realistic, it's life, and anyone who doesn't think so hasn't stepped outside in a long time

Just what I was gunna say, I have turned down ppl and I have been turned down no matter who it is its always gunna hurt the rejected.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion IamGamer and I can appreciate some people not wanting homosexual content, some wanting it, and others not fussed. I can appreciate all of those people voicing their opinions in whatever way they see fit. But the gamer called for Mr Gaider to be fired because of a character in a computer game who happened to be bisexual (or just freakynaughty) who happened to be promiscuous. It happens and is not stereotyping - it could have easily been a heterosexual guy who is promiscuous and quite aggressive with it. I can't see a mass of straight gamers complaining about that.

What I don't appreciate is someone telling the world what I want. This... uh, gaymer, called for Mr Gaider to be fired in a manner that made it seem like "the gay community want Mr Gaider to be fired". I do not.

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