Australian GAME Accidentally Outs Second Black Ops Map Pack

Australian GAME Accidentally Outs Second Black Ops Map Pack


We know that Call of Duty: Black Ops' second map pack, "Escalation," will apparently be launching this May - but Activision hasn't announced it yet.

The website for the Australian branch of GAME posted a flyer on its website advertising Black Ops' second map pack. Nothing out of the ordinary there, right? After all, you want your customers to know all about the latest and greatest DLC packs, naturally.

The only problem was that officially, the Escalation map pack didn't exist yet. Oops.

GAME reacted quickly to pull the electronic flyer down, but the internet has a long memory, and it was posted in its entirety over at VG247. As far as content goes, the Escalation pack will bring five new maps to Call of Duty's multiplayer: Four standard "shoot the other guys in the face" locales, and one new anti-zombies campaign.

Thanks to the big red letters on the poster, we know the sort of settings in which players will be murdering each other by the millions. It's fairly standard stuff - a hotel, a convoy mission, and a stockpile assault - but the interesting one is the headliner, a new map which supposedly takes place inside a zoo.

Will there be animals there? Can we unleash tigers on our enemies - or at least have them take care of those blasted attack dogs? If not, that would seem like a thoroughly wasted chance to allow Treyarch to flex its chops as a developer and come up with some interesting scenery beyond just "war-torn urban landscape."

Of course, if you could shoot endangered animals like lions and tigers, you'd probably get PETA breathing your neck, so maybe it's for the best.

We'll learn more when the map pack is officially announced. It's currently slated for May 3rd on Xbox 360, and sometime later for PC and PS3 thanks to Activision's timed-exclusivity deal with Microsoft.



Maybe time goes faster in DownUnda and the Map packs already been announced there.

Okay so we got a Ammo Depo or fuel, a hotel, a convoy (does it move?) and a night of undead. Ooo and a Zoo! Do we get to play as Monkeys against the Z-monkeys of the first map pack?!!!

Well, i suppose a lot of people will be buying this ( since you know, new things are fun) and someone will get loads'a'money.
Though i won't be buying it, since i haven't even played Black Ops.
Still, for the sake of the future buyers of this pack, i hope all the maps are interesting and fun.

Tigers and Lions and Bears Oh My!

Ah yes I heard about this yesterday.

I also noticed the highway sign in The Convoy image says "Airport and Crystal City" which probably means the map take place on the grounds of the Pentagon. (seeing as it actually sits adjacently next to them)

Well, i suppose a lot of people will be buying this ( since you know, new things are fun) and someone will get loads'a'money.

"Dosh dosh dosh"
- Activision on releasing more map packs.

Happens, I guess, can't really think of major repercussions by leaking details about a overpriced map pack for a overrated game =/

This was completely unexpected.

First the Australian gaming board accidentally reveals a new Burnout game, and now this?
They aren't doing too well with the whole 'keeping things under wraps' thing.

im rather indifferent to this....mostly because Its been a good while since I played Black Ops....hell the only reason I even bothered with the first pack was because I wanted the Nazi Zombies map(which my friends were already playing)

Like the other one, i wont be buying this!

Wait, MAY?

Didnt we get the last DLC liek a few months ago? wow they work fast

Tigers and Lions and Bears Oh My!

Absolute lol.

I won't be buying this I'm getting Brink.

Great, I'm going to be spending another 800-1200 microsoft points to play Black Ops for another 3 days before I get bored with it and go back to playing the Gears 3 beta that will be running at the same time this comes out.

Oh, well. Black Ops is fun to play when you want to get your, kill-people-online-and-prolong-the-office-shooting-rampage fix. =)

...but in all seriousness, I am getting bored with Call of Duty. Gears of War 3 can not come out soon enough.

More zombies!! That is all I care about. Let the carnage and "Ze Doctor'z" insanity continue! MUA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

"survive the call of the dead"? does that mean MORE zombies in a war shooter? :(

Dear Treyarch, I will actually not hate you if you let players unleash tigers upon each other. Seriously this games needs to let players unleash the fury of tigers on each other.

Sounds good. I enjoyed the first map pack, so this one should be an easy purchase for me.

Yay, new Zombies. :D

I'm telling myself over and over again that I won't buy the damn map pack for one zombies map. But I will. Just like every other time. :(

Well, I haven't exactly mastered Ascension from the last pack yet, so maybe that will distract me long enough.


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