Rumor: New Alan Wake Heading for XBLA

Rumor: New Alan Wake Heading for XBLA


If rumors are to be believed, the next Alan Wake game will take even more cues from the television.

Insider sources are reportedly suggesting that the upcoming new Alan Wake content that Remedy recently confirmed it was working on will not be a retail game, but instead be available through Xbox Live. According to the rumor, the game will be called Alan Wake: Night Springs.

The rumor comes via XBLAFans, which said the information was disclosed to it by a trusted source. It also said that it has seen screenshots of the game, but has been asked not to show them to anyone. As a way to prove the rumor's veracity, XBLAFans pointed out that it had news of the recently announced Gotham City Impostors back in February, although in fairness, that rumor had been around since last year.

The rumor isn't especially hard to believe: as fans of the first Alan Wake game know, "Night Springs" is a Twilight Zone/Outer Limits-style TV show that Wake had written for in the past. The show makes multiple appearances in the game, usually to show someone brought down by strange happenings and/or their own hubris. The idea that it might form the basis of some new material isn't too much of a stretch. Additionally, when Remedy confirmed it was working on new Alan Wake material, it made it clear that it wasn't working on a sequel or downloadable content for the first game. It did say, however, that only a "slice" of its team was working on the project, suggesting something smaller in scale, like a downloadable title.

E3 is just around the corner, and that seems to be the most likely time to hear about the new Alan Wake content. Nevertheless, we've reached out to both Microsoft and Remedy for comment, and will update if and when we hear anything back.

Source: via 1up


I can see this being something episodic, which makes a lot of sense. Perhaps one episode a month across, say, six episodes. It'd be kinda like the original game, only actual cliffhangers...

Hmm... I don't know what to think of this. Sure, 'Alan Wake' was a fun game but far too linear and short, even though I usually prefer this kind of gameplay to an oddly paced 80 hour sandbox epic.

Don't know if I'll care enough to come back just for the story as I think 'Deadly Premonition' (despite all it's shortcomings) nailed the 'strange mountain village' theme a lot better.


interesting, I really enjoyed alan wake and i'm playing through the dlc currently. I'd like to see where they take it from there.

Alan Wake is one of the main reasons I'm glad I've bought an Xbox - even if I already had a PS3.

It's ironic that they'll come up with a downloadable Night Springs game when a fake *boxed* Night Springs game was a collectible in the latest DLC, The Writer :)

Alan Wake got so insanely silly and over the top from the mid-point onwards that I lost all interest.

Not something I'll be crossing my fingers for.


We're still in the dark about that.

Can't they just make the sequel instead so I can stop being confused about the end?

It seemed a good idea until it turned out you had no real freedom. It might as well be on rails.

It seemed a good idea until it turned out you had no real freedom. It might as well be on rails.

Was that a selling point of the game?

But more Wake would real nice. I love this series.

Can't they just make the sequel instead so I can stop being confused about the end?

Did you play the DLC? If not, then go get it. It sort of clears the ending up. If you did and you're still confused,, at least you're not as confused as when the game ended the first time, right?, perhaps this DLC title will bridge the gap between the first game and the second one? Perhaps multiple titles can each be an adventure of Wake trying to escape. Or maybe Alice trying to save Wake? I don't know, but I want to continue the story, not some spin off staring Zane.


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