Notch Challenges Bethesda to Lawsuit Deathmatch

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Man, if all law suits could be settled like this, bureaucracy would be a lot more interesting!

Come on, Bethesda! Accept the challenge, and let this be a battle to remember!


King Toasty:

a ballsy move, which i appreciate, but the law student in me wants to smack notch upside the head for suggesting such a thing ha so yeah im a little torn on this

But it's perfect! It won't cost the court anything, it'll raise publicity, it'll ease tensions between studios, and it might become the new norm for game devs!

but it also spits in the face of the legal process, if bethesda has raised this lawsuit, it causes problems for the courts who will suddenly get a letter saying "lawsuit dropped, we decided to settle things in the arena" its a legal issue, it should be settled within the legal system

Any legal system that lets a burglar fall through a skylight and then sue the owner of said skylight for over $200,000 dollars and WIN (hey like the one you are defending!) DESERVES to have its face spat in.

Go Notch!

Bethesda: Accept the challenge!

This happened in Undergrads.
I love that show.

I'm surprised it took so long for someone to pick up on the similar circumstance.

As to the issue itself... I can't really say that I care either way. Yes, Bethesda are being touchy about their license, but then again if I were a AAA studio and my most recent releases included Brink and Hunted:TDF, I'd be holding onto the identity of my one headliner property pretty tightly too. That being said however, I also wouldn't be worrying about Mojang. They have a genius marketing system [1] but that's about it when compared to Bethesda.

[1] Small bit of rage: They've had over 3 million people pay for the game "as is", working with a 12-24 poly cap, low res textures... all for a game that just entered beta in early 2011. If the coding is such a pain in the ass for that little maybe your coding choice wasn't so awesome afterall. It was released in 2009 FFS]

Hahaha oh this is sharp stuff. Blatant publicity by Notch but a damned good laugh nonetheless. I imagine the actual devs and such would probably be up for it (on the BethSoft side) but I highly doubt the bosses would allow it...

Still, whatever happens Notch has just gained more publicity and probably gone up in the esteem of a lot of gamers, between this and the Penny Arcade strip a relatively unknown game is now well recognised. I wonder how BethSoft feel about that, maybe they should have left well enough alone with this one.


wouldnt it be funny if bethesda was just trolling? if in a month or so they drop the lawsuit and say 'you are welcome for the publicity' because honestly, i hadnt even heard of this scrolls game before the lawsuit

Trolling usually doesn't incur massive costs.

lulzsec? maybe?

Jim Grim:

option 1. play and lose -> they possibly lose business from the name being used

I really doubt that they would. No-one refers to the elder scrolls games as 'scrolls.' This lawsuit is just kinda exploitative, they don't really think that people are going to mistake one game for the other.

I agree. In fact, people usually only refer to them as Morrowind or Oblivion and now Skyrim. They don't go around saying Elder Scrolls.

I hope Notch wins. I don't get how people argue copyright on a word. There was a game called The Wizard's Scrolls back in 1984. Maybe they should sue Bethesda.

Personally, I think that Notch should concede and name his game Ancient Parchments.

Would be awesome if they accepted. brilliant idea by notch. I hope they stream it if they decide to do it, heck even get quake commentators to commentate the match.

Thus began the epic tale of Notch vs. Bethesda!
Awesome, what a perfecr way to decide a lawsuit with gamers by games! xD

I think notch was wise doing something like this, this way if Bethesda except, both sides will gain a huge amount of attention and hence probably quite a bit of money to go with it, everyone wins.
If they turn it down I can really see some of notches more idiotic hardcore fans take it an an insult and maybe start boycotting Skyrim. I've no idea if they'll go for it or not, but the way I see it - they get a nice boost to their respect and how many people know about them, don't have to waste money on the lawsuit and prosecuting.

Personally I hope they go for it, I'd love to see this on YouTube. It would be epic.

Let the games...

If, of course, Bethesda has the stones for it.

Thanks for fixing, Mr. Gency

Bethesda doesn't just need those lawyers, they need Kenny Loggins cuz they're in the danger zone.

Dear god i can't wait to see what happenes

So Notch tweeted that Bethseda declined somewhere in that giant mess of his tweets. :/. I couldn't find it, but that's what I was told.

If only everyone acted like notch.

Although we all know Bethesda don't believe in fun enough to do this sort of thing. I love what these guys are doing here, settling a conflict within gaming with games! I feel like their devs are real gamers and that's who should be making our games in the first place, I feel like it was mentioned in an Extra Credits 'sode but its true, our games should be made by people who play games and grew up with them and want to have fun with them, AAAAANNYWAYS that's a little of topic but the whole issue with Bethesda calling on the lawsuit was VERY silly and looks very bad for them, not to sound spiteful (it won't happpen anyways) but I hope it hurts Skyrim sales

Well that's the first cool thing Notch has done. If only he was always like this.

I would like to offer my services to Bathesda
Don't tell them I've never played Quake 3

Hm... Ok, this is it.
Scrolls: Insta-buy.
The Elder Scrolls whatever Skyrim: Maybe I'll buy it for 10 bucks when they got all of their bugs fixed. After all it will be buggy as hell anyways.

I can't imagine him losing the case anyway, unless the system really really favours the one with the biggest budget for lawyers. If he is forced to settle, or loses, I hope he renames his game to Callout. Can't wait for Callout: Old Vegas.

Son of a Mitch:
Hell yes. This is how all stupid conflicts should be solved; video game violence instead of suing the pants off of everyone.

This should be how all conflicts are solved. Imagine if World War II had been fought by a giant Pong tournament (I know Pong was later, sue me.)

Reminds me of Penny Arcade.

If Notch wins this case and trademarks the word then that means that Bethesda (or anyone else) can not use the word Scrolls in any game title at all without paying a fee to him. I am not sure if this applies to text or conversation in game or not, if so then Notch can not succeed because he would screw over so many people.


Lt. Vinciti:


Considering that they are first class dicks, they'd probably go with it in court.

They = Lawyer Yes?

Sounds like how it should be...a gentlemans sport to see who wins...

No, I mean Bethesda. Look up their relationship with Interplay.

Here's the short story of it if you don't know.

1.Interplay is making a Fallout MMO.
2.Interplay is nearing bankruptcy.
3.Interplay sell the Fallout licence to Bethesda, the agreement is "We make Fallout MMO, you make Fallout games."
4.Bethesda makes Fallout 3.
5.Bethesda makes millions.
6.Bethesda goes full Kotick and sues Interplay to take away the rights for the MMO.
7.Court says no.
8.Bethesda know Interplay are standing on their last leg and is suing them again hoping to drain their resources in court battle.

In fairness, there is another side to that story:
- the Interplay that exists today has no real connection to the Interplay that made Fallout 1-2 (and Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale 1-2, Bards Tale 1-3, Descent...). Different employees, different owners, all that remains is the name;
- the guy who owns Interplay now is the guy who was single-handedly responsible for bankrupting it. Interplay was the greatest crpg maker of its era - arguably of all time - and its game development division was profitable right until the end. What happened was that the current owner (Herb) took over, and Herb's own company - now the owner of Interplay - went bankrupt for completely unrelated reasons. That's right - Interplay's insolvency and collapse was due to the financial shenanigans of the company that bought them. If they were independent, they'd quite possibly still be around today.
- When Herb sent Interplay bankrupt, he owed Interplay's employees approx 1 year in unpaid wages. That's a lot of pay-packets to be missing.

When Bethesda bought the Fallout licence, they included a term that required Herb to use the money to pay the wages he owed to the former Interplay employees. That, by itself, is enough to make me side with Bethesda on this one.

If you want to support the guys that made Interplay what it was (rather than the sad shell it is now), don't support Herb, support Obsidian - half of Interplay went to Obsidian and the other half went to Troika (who made some great games, including Arcanum and Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines, but sadly are no longer around).

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