Death Star Salvage Plays Haunting Tune

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Death Star Salvage Plays Haunting Tune

Many Bothans died to bring you this video.

Last week, citizens of the galaxy breathed a sigh of relief when news broke that the so-called "Death Star," rumored to be a massive space station capable of destroying entire planets, was turned into space dust by a rag-tag squad of pilots reportedly working with the freedom-fighting Rebel Alliance. Most of the station's debris is near unrecognizable, but one spunky explorer known only by his handle, sh4dowww90, seems to have pulled at least two data discs from the wreckage intact, and their contents may hold the key to stomping out the Empire once and for all.

Based solely on the video sh4doww90 has uploaded, we know little about the discovery other than that the discs have been somehow been wired together to produce musical tone, widely believed to be the only truly common language between all species of the universe. What does this particular haunting melody mean? No one can say for sure, but it doesn't sound friendly. For all of our sakes, let's hope the rebel's have more tricks up their sleeves just in case the Empire rebuilds and strikes back.

More information about these mysterious data discs can be found on sh4doww90's homepage.


I'm scared already...

Seriously tho that was very awesome!

That's just damn awesome!

At first I was terrified at what might come from it, but then I was kinda rocking out to it.

For some reason, all I can think about now is Robot Chicken.

I never knew that the floppy disks were in league with the Dark side. Still that is awesoe!

People still have floppy disks? O.o

That's beyond amazing. I approve.

haha damn, much better than anything i could ever conjure up.

props to the creation of that

i bet finding those floppies was more rare/expensive than the whole rest of the project...haven't seen a floppy in fucking ages.

This isn't news, it happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...


And floppy disks still exist?

Even better:

So apparently that was done with Arduino? If so; awesome, because we're going to play with Arduino at school.

What next!
Cd's that play musi-
Oh, right.

Ok... that's just... crazy...
Can't say I've ever seen that tune being played that way before, or in fact any tune being played that way.

People still have floppy disks? O.o

The machine I'm using at the moment still has one.

And the machine beneath me only uses cassette tapes.

No paper card ones, unfortunately.

This is the only practical use of a floppy disk.

I think "The Imperial March" has become like the geek national anthem at this point.

Ah, the singing stepper motor. Wonderful, if drive-killing, hack. Let's go a bit older-school.

Pardon the low audio.

And it's not just floppy drives. Some HP ScanJets have it as an easter egg!

Man I can't even remember the last time I used a floppy disk.
Oh no wait you wanna know the last time I used a floppy disk?
It was an Alderaan, that's how long ago it was!

Many Bothans died to bring us wood grain desks on top of which we could set the Death Star's surprisingly musical plans...

And to think, they only had 1 floppy disk drive on the Death Star so they never heard this in unison.

This should strike fear into the hearts of Rebel's everywhere.

Also this is awesome.

I'll be impressed when someone figures out how to make flashdrives do that. ;)

I have a functional 5.25 floppy drive sitting on my desk. Why? I have no idea.

thats no moon its a disc space station.(terrible joke i know)

Great music.

That was the most awesome floppy disk I have ever seen!

Who'd want to be a Jedi when the Sith have awesome musical computer components? Oh, and cookies.

I demand that someone build me an orchestra out of obsolete computer junk!


Well what the hell are you all standing around for? GET TO WORK!! *cracks whip*

That had a very nice haunting vibe to it (I guess hence your news title).

Made me want to play an atari game or something similar.

Even better:

So apparently that was done with Arduino? If so; awesome, because we're going to play with Arduino at school.

I love those top two drives and how they have a locking mechanism.

DVD drives are nowhere near that cool :/.

"How much power am I about to insert into this PC? Well let me give you a hint...I NEED TO LOCK IT IN SO IT DOESN'T BURST OUT AND OBLITERATE THE EAST COAST!"

Aw double post...just delete this one.

i don't see how this is news worthy, this kind of thing happened years ago ...
the same video was posted on youtube years ago ... 2006 if i recall correctly ...

brb, going to play TIE Fighter now.

That is 100% awesome!

Big props for making that nasty floppy noise into something that demands respect from the galaxy

Memo: When world domination is under progress. Fill all missiles with disks playing my very own theme song.

Why does it sound like it ate my homework?

Made of win this is. ;)

That was pretty awesome. How about Rap is a Man's Soul next?

The force is strong in this one's floppy...

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