Check Out Space Janitors!

Check Out Space Janitors!


"Someday, I'm going to be somebody someone's going to want to shoot at."

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite sci-fi movie? Or who exactly spends all that time scrubbing bulkheads clean of carbon scoring, or waxing the floors of the hangar bay just in time for the Dark Lord's arrival?

Then you need to check out Space Janitors, our newest web series that tells the story of the unsung, 9 to 5 heroes who actually scrub all that white plastic to its gleaming sheen and aren't that different from the regular schlubs you might see today. We here at The Escapist are proud to bring you one of our most ambitious web series to date. Here's where you can watch the first episode!

Space Janitors follows the lives of Mike and Darby, two janitors on board a battle station for the evil empire, trying to keep their heads down in the middle of an intergalactic civil war.

The full season will launch on April 13th, right here on The Escapist, and for the next six weeks we'll be featuring a new episode of behind-the-scenes production diaries every Friday. Attendees of Pax East will have the chance to meet the crew see more of the series at the annual The Escapist Movie Night on April 6th.


Space Janitors?.... Is this an adaptation of Space Quest? Will one of the characters be a horribly inept blond guy named Roger Wilco?
Well, regardless, I'm intrigued, watching it now.

I find your lack of knife-wrenches disturbing.

Going to watch the ep when I get home from work but reading this article makes me think it could be amazing, fingers crossed!


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