Angry Birds Space Downloaded 10 Million Times in Three Days

Angry Birds Space Downloaded 10 Million Times in Three Days


A new version of Angry Birds came out just three days ago, and it blew up the internet waves.

Rovio has got a veritable franchise going here. Since Angry Birds was first released in 2009 by the Finnish developer, the quick-fix game has been downloaded more than half a billion times. The developer tried to keep momentum going. Angry Birds Rio was an attempt at a marketing tie-in with teh ill-fated DreamWorks film, while Seasons was a way to get people playing during various holiday of the year, but Rovio aimed for Angry Birds Space to be its biggest launch (heh) yet. They weren't disappointed. In just three days, 10 million people tapped the happy red bird symbol in the various mobile marketplaces to download Angry Bird Space.

Even though a good portion of those downloads are "free" and supported through in-game ads instead of a $.99 premium copy or the $2.99 HD version, Rovio is understandably pleased.

"10 million Angry Birds Space downloads in less than 3 days!" read a Tweet from the official Rovio account this morning. "Thanks to our fans, stay tuned for more!"

I'm not sure what the "more" refers to, but it's safe to say we haven't seen the last of these perturbed avians. As long as people keep downloading the fun physics game, expect updates and sequels galore.

Source: Twitter


Can't say I'm surprised...its quite a fun game. But still...10 million? niiice.

I you could say they really Pigged out.

Is it just me or does the red bird remind you of TTGL?

It's an excellent tweaking of the core gameplay, I'm actually really impressed. Not really sure how it will gibe with the "seasons"-themed updates that the original game gets, though. Celebrating Easter in space doesn't make a lot of sense to me, for some reason.

Of course, hitting pigs with birds, that makes total sense... :p

I'm finding it very fun so yay to them!


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