EA Admits Poor Medal of Honor: Warfighter Sales

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5 Dollars says they STILL try to keep this franchise alive and yet, will hold Dead Space hostage.

Yeah of course people paid directly or indirectly by EA are going to be totally impartial on the games quality aren't they?


BloodRed Pixel:
what a totally stupid name. What else do expect to do in a wargame?


Well they were going for "Warmedic" but decided that the name was just too off-brief.

I would so totally like to play Warchaplain:
blessing hundreds of soldiers before they are sent out to die, telling that it's God's way to those few who come back in one or more pieces and taking the last confessions of the deserters etc. before they are shot and then dying because of a liver-malfunctioning.

I'm glad. Hopefully this will change a few things


Andy Chalk:
He said that internal testing and mock reviews indicated that Warfighter is better than the ugly critical reception it has received thus far but added, "There are people out there who just don't like the game."

"But we thought our game was pretty good!"

I wonder whether they have any idea how silly they sound bringing that up.

Yeah, I kinda laughed at that. Even if a "mock review" is asking a playtester to write a 1-10 based on their fun level, I'm sure the fear of getting fired or having someone on the team right near you in person would add a few numbers to the one in your head. Don't predict the future by internal opinion.

Here, EA:

A tepid and mediocre title gets a tepid response.
The shock of this occasion has rendered me speechless.



(Actually, this is surprising. I was expecting glowing reviews from the shills who suck up to EA year after year. Guess their bribery budget is running a tad low.)

Battlefield 2143. Make this happen EA, and we can once again be friends... Maybe...

A sequel to an FPS game which warranted a resounding "Pfft" from players and reviewers alike and was released close to the much anticipated Assassin's Creed III is doing poorly?


Ah, EA. The only publisher who act surprised when people don't recieve the game as well as the other people they paid to play and "mock review" their game.

Seriously, "mock review?" What in the absolute fuck is that? Do movie studios have mock reviews for their films?



looks like we might be finally starting to get to the end of the latest fad cycle. even the hardcore fanboys of this seem to be getting sick of it and wont accept a half assed game.

what next? back to world war 2?

Depending how well BO2 does we might be heading back to futuristic warefare or slightly more futuristic warfare.

Fine with me, I like robotics and nano-tech/magic in my shooters and pretty much every game I play. With the Modern Military Shooters it was all the same thing, Americans/U.K with their guns and either Russians/Koreans/Or some middle eastern guys with their guns. When you get back to futuristic themes you can make up a lot more stuff which is just way more interesting than the same two sides fighting with same damn weapons over and over again.

Actually, I wouldnt mind seeing something along the lines of MGS4's War Economy[1] If I remember right, most of these wars were fought with PMC instead of national militarys, as to maintain such a military was to expensive. Would be a little more interesting, especially if they have the multiply view point of the same level (First part you are with the attackers, second you switch to a guy thats defending the place. Hell, they could include a multiplayer metagame of some sort.

Thinking about it, I think MAG did this somewhat, but that story was just to justify what was basically wanking over the fact they had the ability to let 256 players playing on a single map at one time.

[1] Where the economy is built around war. Usually small scale, constant wars as oppose to a single big global war.

looks like we might be finally starting to get to the end of the latest fad cycle. even the hardcore fanboys of this seem to be getting sick of it and wont accept a half assed game.

what next? back to world war 2?

My vote is on future. What with mechwarrior, hawken, planetside 2, and blops 2, I think it's almost set in stone.

Remember what innovation was like? Let's get back to that!

While I do look forward to games like Hitman Absolution for being a breath of fresh air in my gaming collection, I just noticed how odd it is that today innovation is doing what used to be done in games. Games such as Hitman Absolution or The Last of Us, games that bring back old features lost in favor for more mainstream games, innovative? No, but it's tons better than what other games like MoH Warfighter is trying to do, which is simply trying to get some of that CoD money...

Still, Blops 2 looks IMO interesting and I'm in such of a situation that I can afford to get that game along with many other big games, MoH Warfighter was not included though. How could that game ever hope to compete with more unique games like Dishonored, AC3 and Hitman is beyond me.

So EA didn't think that maybe a COD clone that doesn't even do what COD does half as well with a half-assed attempt to put an emotional twist on the average action combined with bugs, shitty MP interface, and generally boring, repetitive, seen-it-all design wouldn't sell well?

Hell, when Call of Duty, your chief rival, decides to put this shit in the near future for a change with an interesting plot idea (let's see if it holds up), you know it's time to reconsider this shit for a moment.

Wow EA! So people aren't buying the FPS that looks exactly like the OTHER FPS you publish?? ORLY????

The thing is, has the Medal of Honor series even mattered that much in the last decade or so? I mean Allied Assault and Frontline were top notch games in 2002, but a year later we're introduced to the original Call of Duty that gives you friendly AI squads, soldiers with personality, and multiple campaigns letting you see the war from other countries viewpoints. As much as I loved Allied Assault and Frontline, the original CoD is superior in every way. Rising Sun was an interesting attempt to bring the Pacific Theater into video games, but the game fell flat and was showed up 5 years later with Call of Duty: World at War. Pacific Assault was a good attempt and was a perfect example of what you could do if you took your time, and while European Assault was a valiant attempt of copying some of Call of Duty's mechanics and implementing them into your game, it was too little too late because 5 months later here comes Call of Duty 2 and we get to see World War II for the first time on brand new technology. Heroes, Vanguard, and Airborne were all missed opportunities while the Call of Duty series was busy shaking things up by moving the setting to a more contemporary one, which then took you 3 years to catch up to with the rebooted Medal of Honor. The game was lukewarmly received and released just in time to have Call of Duty firmly cemented in the public consciousness as the big yearly event of video games. Basically EA... you lost, admit it and put this franchise to bed.

Honestly... I even wonder how many of the people in here actually played the game. Not everyone is going to like it, but dont go bashing it just because 'the cool kids bash this game.'

Im actually one of the ones who enjoy it, the single player I havent touched (I should really put that out there). The multiplayer, to me, is flipping amazing. And before you say it, ive got Assassins Creed, Dark Souls, and even Portal 2 on my game shelf, including others.

Its a much better shooter than alot of games, and it goes away from the normal arcade shooters of the current generation (like COD). So yeah, id give it a 4/5 myself for the mutliplayer, because yes, its not perfect, but its damn good anyway.

Well this should be interesting to watch, I wonder if their stock is going to take another dip.

Wait a minute, how come this sold so well in the UK?

not much else comming out at the time + too much disposable income = buying a game they wouldn't normally bother with?

Wait, there's a new Medal of Honor? When did it come out?

I liked the Medal of Honor series on PSX. Please leave those fond memories alone and stop using it for your CoD clones!

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