Indiana Jones' Mail Mystifies University

Indiana Jones' Mail Mystifies University

Looks like Abner Ravenwood's been busy.

Someone out there - the University of Chicago would like to know who - is such a huge fan of Indiana Jones that they've started sending him mail. You can see the pictures in the gallery below; every piece seems to have been hand-crafted, with a meticulous eye to detail.

"If you're an applicant and sent this to us," the University asks, "Why? How? Did you make it? Why so awesome?" The package has stamps on it, but those are faked, so whoever delivered it did so by hand. The artist behind the scheme even went so far as to send it to Rosenwald Hall, which has a different use today but, when Indy was a student, would have housed the departments of geology and geography. It's just the spot where someone like Professor Jones might have been found; though the fictional character is only known to have worked at East Coast colleges, Indy did study at the University of Chicago. Professor Ravenwood was his mentor.

The folks in Chicago are both delighted and puzzled. There's no clue in the packaging as to what the intent behind the hoax was. Clearly someone put a lot of time and effort into it, and the University would like to know why. A special email address, [email protected], has been created to deal with what no doubt will become a flood of correspondence.

There are groups who specialize in prop manufactures like this; the HPLS is one, and had the package been more Lovecraft-related I would have suspected them of this. I asked HPLS guru Sean Branney to comment on what it would have taken to make something like this, and he replied:

I'll confess it is very much the sort of thing we might have done (though honestly this wasn't us). Putting together something like this really just takes some patience, some good computer skills, good document handling skills, a wide variety of paper types and some creativity. I especially liked that they describe the book as dusty. We have products we make here where applying dust to them is part of their preparation before they go out in the world brand new but seeming quite old.

Source: UChicago College Admissions


Nice work on the followup there Adam! Good to see some actual investigative journalism going on here.

And for those who don't know already HPLHS is freakin' awesome. I got the Angell box for my partner one Christmas.. the thing is absolutely amazing. There is literally hours of material in there, news paper clippings, journals, tickets and receipts, postcards, letters, and there was even a small clay relief piece in it. Just going through it all is literally hours of discovery, never mind piecing it together to make out what the hell happened.

That made us pick up a bunch of other stuff. The only thing we were even slightly disappointed with were the Christmas carols.. they're not really singers. But we got them with the stocking, which is cool enough to make up for it.

Well that's just awesome. I just hope we don't get a Death Star Laser delivery next time.

I'm calling it: promotional stunt. Indiana Jones 5 anyone?
Dear god, I hope not.

Well whoever is doing this is just awesome. Very hard work put into this it looks like.

Proverbial Jon:
I'm calling it: promotional stunt. Indiana Jones 5 anyone?
Dear god, I hope not.

Well hey, if that's what's happening it's a damned sight more interesting already than anything Indy 4 had to offer.

Whoever did this has one hell of a hobby.

Well someone has too much time on their hands... though in this case, I approve!

So who is looking into this? Top men I assume?

Hahahaha, I love this. Even if it just doesn't have any meaning, it's still great. Someone had fun making these, and someone will have fun reading them. That's all we need to know.

"Why? How? Did you make it? Why so awesome?"

Does awesome need a reason?

Can't say I'd mind an Indy 5. I could rest easy knowing that it'd be better than 2 no matter how bad it is.

This is pretty awesome, and awesomely timed too- I watched Raiders on Blu-Ray just the other day, and only the second time I've seen it.

So who is looking into this? Top men I assume?

Top. Men.


If anyone is interested, this "mystery" was solved.


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