Atlus Announces Downloadable Shooter God Mode

Atlus Announces Downloadable Shooter God Mode

An Atlus-published "dark and humorous" co-op shooter is coming in early 2013.

Atlus, perhaps best known for its quirky Shin Megami Tensei games and the Persona offshoots of that franchise, announced that it will be bringing a "dark and humorous multiplayer co-op shooter" to downloadable platforms in early 2013. God Mode, described in the press release as both a third-person shooter and "a visceral shoot 'em up with elements of an RPG," will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC at some point early next year.

With a setting that gives players "a humorously dark view of the afterlife," God Mode centers on the descendant of one of Mount Olympus' gods who becomes mortal after his family is banished from the godly realm. You'll make your way through the Maze of Hades seeking redemption and trying to reclaim your immortal status. The press release promises retail quality in a budget-priced downloadable title, though of course that remains to be seen.

In addition to "non-linear gameplay, fast and frantic shooting, hordes of on-screen enemies, and stunning visuals," God Mode features up to four-player co-op, though it can also be played solo. The teaser trailer also shows off some character customization, so it appears you'll have some level of control over what your character (or cadaver, it seems) looks like.

God Mode will be available to download for $9.99 in early 2013.


If that voice would really keep talking to me all the time in the game, then damn. Yes, it does feel quite annoying and pushing the humour it wants to accomplish too far away from me.

Actually, let's just hope they don't screw up the humour in the game.

That voice is worth it alone for me!

That... looks AMAZING!!!
Gameplay looks pretty redonk without being a clusterfuck too, which is often what pushes me away from the genre.
So I'm excited.

My dick is so hard right now. I love you, Atlus.

Looks rad. The voice sounds like Stewie. I wish I had three friends who weren't bad at shooters now :(

every time i hear a game will have something to do with hades i always hope that they will shell out for james wood to voice it, so with that:

Come on atlus! do it!

Hey Atlus, the money's on the desk. Just go ahead and take it right now, I don't mind. No really, you aren't the type to publish interactive garbage just because. I'm one of those sick bastards who beat Baroque, we're cool.

i LOVE that voice!

Hell, if its going to talk to me all the way through i'll jump on this wagon

Gears for $10 on all platforms and made for people who see more then one color, seems like a good deal to me.

No really, you aren't the type to publish interactive garbage just because.

Well they did put out Cursed Crusade, but at least it wasn't outright bad or awful, it was bad with potential if anything =P

hell I'm pretty sure that if Atlus released PC games they'd be a tough contender for Valve

Its rare something looks this good these days. Im really looking forward to seeing more about this.



>In Greek Hell
>By Atlus

... I am confused but aroused. Do want.

I am so on board with this!

I was seriously thinking it won't be released in Europe (they vehemently hate their fanbase there) but it is a downloadable title, so that should be good.

Is that Tim Curry? If so, I'm sold.

If not, fuck it, I'm still sold.

Shin Megami Tensei, quirky?
Because nothing says "offbeat fun and humor" like a series about nuclear apocalypse, violent religious crusades, persecution of the unwashed masses and skin-wearing monsters from the depths of Hell. Hrmm...

OT: I dunno, that voice sounds like it could get a bit grating after a while - kinda like Hades from Hercules if he inhaled helium and got 95% more active snark. But I can dig the gameplay - kinda like a 3rd-person shooter version of Diablo, complete with all the leader mooks that powered up the surrounding mooks by their mere presence. Looks like it could be fun.
Just hope it gets released everywhere. Atlus have no problems making games, it's just that their execution in delivery has left something to be desired of late.


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