Disney Blends Skylanders and Minecraft in Disney Infinity

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So... does this mean we might finally get Pixar movies in Kingdom Hearts?

Oh I really and truly hope so! I've always wanted to see The Incredibles, Monsters Inc. etc, in a Kingdom Hearts game.

Also, gotta love whenever these Disney topics come up (like with Star Wars) the first few comments is basically "Yeah yeah yeah, so does that mean this is gonna be in Kingdom Hearts or not?" haha.



Ah, so this is why I don't have Kingdom Hearts 3 yet

Probably the only reason my mode is currently set to 'cynical jerk' regarding this development.

So, I'm not the only one that can only view this with suppressed anger at the thought of this thing being the reason my Kingdom Hearts 3 is being delayed?

Anyway, who exactly is in charge of making this game? Because as much as I love Disney and Pixar, I can't say I've been too crazy about their video games. (Kingdom Hearts doesn't count, I believe Square Enix did most of the work on that, Disney just basically gave them the right to use their characters I think.) I doubt I'm gonna give this a try, probably meant for kids anyway, but we'll see.

Square Enix may have done the majority of the work with aid from Disney Interactive Studios, but Disney poured alot of dough into the KH Project. I have a feeling it's run dry recently and that's why only hand held titles are getting through and the big plot/game advancement in the form of the third installment is still on Ice.

So go ahead, be angry.

Not that I'm too pleased with Sqeenix right now either. FF13-3!? What the fudge are they thinking, is that game series really doing that well domestically or globally!? I just can't even brain on that one. That game was full to the brim with unlikable characters. I mean Kingdom Hearts is hokey as all hell and the plot is slightly (okay, extremely)contrived but at least they have fun with it, they're almost slightly aware of how batshit it all is, and the gameplay is way more fun than anything Final Fantasy has ever spat out.

to be honest, it'd be pretty funny if they included a kingdom hearts playset in this game

Sure while it is a blatant rip off from Skylanders but none the less I can easily see this being a huge profit from it.

Huh, as far as kid games go, that looks pretty sweet. Disney loving kids would probably really enjoy that. :P

I don't see anything to do with minecraft or its mechanics. If there is no resource gathering, then it its just a simple sandbox.

The trailer does seem to suggest that you can create your own world however, and a massive feature of Minecraft is that ability.

That actually seems pretty cool. I certainly know that if I were a kid I'd be going absolutely -mental- for a game that seems to promise what it does. It looks reasonably decent as a game in and of itself, let alone one for children. I probably won't give it a go, but it still looks very cool. :P

Another cheap ass production to make your kids ring you out for thousands of bucks, even the toys look like ass nevermind the in-game characters.

But as long as this is a guaranteed money printer they will do it, I wonder how long before EA makes one.

Good idea (ALL THE DISNEY IN ONE WORLD), but flawed, greedy execution. If it wasn't based on getting toys I'd probably be considering it, as well.

I just need to buy the Skeleton Jack, Woody and Ralph action figures and I'll be set.

Why is Disney using Nightmare Before Christmas characters... did I miss something?.

They own that franchise. You're late for the party; they even show up in Kingdom Hearts 1.

Larry the Platypus might also sell out too.

PERRY! Perry the Platypus.
It's ok, that made me laugh. :P

I don't know how I feel about this. The idea seems fun but they're clearly trying to copy Skylanders, and I suspect the hype for Skylanders has lowered.
Whenever Disney tries to do something like that, get in the "kids like this!" wagon, it ends up in failure. I remember when I was excited about Disney Universe. And look how that turned out...

Hey, Capcom? Remember these guys?
Right now franchises with a swarm of one-note characters are selling like hot cakes. Why aren't you in?

I... I think I just came...
My money couldn't fly out of my wallet fast enough. Combined with the countless other MM franchises this shit would fly higher than the sun D:

I can't tell if this is madness or brilliance

Hey, Capcom? Remember these guys?
Right now franchises with a swarm of one-note characters are selling like hot cakes. Why aren't you in?

I would buy a mega-man "skylanders" type game without a second thought. I haven't even played skylanders.

I don't usually impulse buy... but damn.

*briefly remembers "mega man universe"*

*fights back a tear*

I can't tell if this is madness or brilliance

It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide.[1]

Though to be honest this just looks like a way to suck money from the pockets of children and nostalgic Disney/Pixar lovers without having to actually create new content, Disney, I'm disappointed but can't pretend to be surprised.

[1] High five for anyone who get's the reference

Thus the most powerful media compony in the world streches its arms and craps on skylanders... by the way a marvel and star wars expansion/sequel will follow :P

So a Skylanders style game with Minecraft elements starring Disney characters...who also own Marvel and Star Wars...

Did the entire multiverse just suddenly fall into a blender here?

CAPTCHA: by the book

Yeah right. SHOW ME what book this is following!


I'm reminded someone points out that gamers seriously need to police our own...
Sadly, 'gamers' are, by and large, a bunch of self-entitled dip-shits now-a-days. Disagree? Look at the ME3 ending fiasco. "Oh, boo hoo! This ending isn't what I wanted, CHANGE IT!"
The medium, the art form I loved is dying. And games like this, and the fuck-heads who bow at it's feet are exactly the type of cancer that is doing it.

Now now lets not start this yes some people did whine more than they should of, but when you hold a companies writing ability to such a high standard why shouldn't you demand better when you know they can achieve it with ease? Not some law breaking space bull.... See your starting it again? This is about Disney and Skylanders comparison/rip-off not mass effect.

FYI: Disney have always been about making money none of there mediums are about anything but making money.

no chance we'll be able to fight Darth Vader? oh well hopefully Mulan will make it in there :P def fun to see Perry the Platypus loll

will be to expensive, hoenstly.

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