Beware the "Nuclear-Powered Cyberninjas" of Low Light Combat

Beware the "Nuclear-Powered Cyberninjas" of Low Light Combat

Low Light Combat, a multiplayer stealth shooter developed for Mojam 2, is now available for a small donation to charity.

As one of the participants of last month's Humble Bundle Mojam 2 collaboration, Wolfire Games was tasked with developing a game based on the theme "Endless Nuclear War." And so it did, very loosely, coming up with a stealth shooter about "nuclear-powered cyberninjas" that actually looks pretty cool.

Multiplayer stealth games are tricky beasts, what with the core gameplay mechanic being so dependent on visuals. Wolfire's approach to that problem in Low Light Combat is an interesting one: It created dark, shadowy levels, then made virtually every act of violence a bright, noisy light show. And to ensure that the game doesn't immediately break down into an "everybody waiting for someone else to do something" standoff, cyberninjas have only 60 seconds of power and must recharge by killing other ninjas and draining their power or accessing the limited reserves of recharge stations, which leaves them dangerously exposed.

It's not quite the next Call of Duty but it's also only five bucks, and all the money goes to charity, either Camphill California, to improve quality of life for people with developmental disabilities, or to the Blender Development Fund in support of free and open-source 3D modeling software. And it looks like fun too, which is always a nice bonus. (There's probably an opportunity here for a zinger about microtransactions, but I'll leave you to handle that.)

Low Light Combat is available now at


A good game for a good cause? I'm going to have to check this one out.

Ninja with a Shotgun, someone call Quentin Tarantino!

Videos don't do this game justice, me and a few friends were just playing this the other day. It's quite fun and just being in the whole hectic mess keeps you frantic and having fun with friends ^_^

Ah Wolfire, keep up the great work! And finish Overgrowth already!

how long till somoen makes a mod to highlight all characters loaded by the client and this turns into another deathmatch shooter?


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