Helm's Deep is Coming To The Lord of The Rings Online

Helm's Deep is Coming To The Lord of The Rings Online


Iconic LOTR characters such as Aragorn, Éowyn, and Éomer will feature in the expansion pack.

The Lord of the Rings Online, the official Lord of the Rings themed MMO made a surprise return to profitability when it adopted the free-to-play model several years ago. It looks like the game is still running quite strong, with developer Turbine announcing the game's fifth major expansion pack: Helm's Deep. LOTR nerds will know that Helm's Deep is a very important location in the LOTR universe, and Turbine has announced that yes, you will be able to partake in "The Battle For Helm's Deep," fighting alongside iconic LOTR characters such as Aragorn, Éowyn, and Éomer.

The expansion will raise the level cap from 85 to 95, and add some new skills, as well as updating character specializations. Mounted combat, first introduced in Riders of Rohan, will be expanded upon. As well as the titular Helm's Deep, you'll also be able to explore the capital of Edoras, mysterious Dunharrow, and the fortress of the Hornburg.

Players can fight to defend Helm's Deep starting at level 10. Your character can enlist as a soldier in the Battle of the Hornburg, which the developer promises to be "the most massive battle yet in The Lord of the Rings Online." Players will earn rewards for their contribution to the war effort, despite the outcome of the battle. It looks like the battles will be some kind of world/instanced event kind of deal that players can partake in multiple times.

"With Helm's Deep, we're bringing the War of the Ring to players on a monumental scale," said Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine. "Our team is thrilled to create another iconic moment in Middle-earth, and put players in the center of the action."'

The expansion pack is due out in Fall 2013.


I've been tempted to play this game since Shamus did his playthrough lol

I'd love to see more of LOTRO, great landscapes, lore, graphics, unfortunately my connection with their servers is non-existent. And the [lack of] support for even connecting issues is woeful.

IS Haldir going to be there? Or, dare I say it, Arwen?

*runs away*

Man, they're still supporting this?
Respect to them.

I'm all over Champions Online at the moment, but I've always been interested in what LotRO was like.

I've been tempted to play this game since Shamus did his playthrough lol

Have you read his DM of the Rings? The way he wrote the battle of Helm's Deep was glorious. I hope the game doesn't turn out the same way.

On the one hand i've just gotten to level 85 and I'm in the process of getting all the end game armour and the new expansion sort of renders all that stuff obsolete and older dungeons become really easy when the challenge of them was quite enjoyable before.
But on the other i really want more content :3

They keep raising the cap, which makes me sad. But Helm's Deep... I really do like Helm's Deep...

Man, still waiting to have the money to get a decent PC. I would love to get back into this game, but my laptop can't support it (well, it can. It's just nigh unplayable)


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