The Baby Has A Name: Xbox One

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So we may have to install games, and then we can only install them once? Are they now going to start to price the games like PC games ? I think not.

I am totaly underwhelmed by this whole new generation of consoles, i will stick with my pc. If my situation changes and i want to play games on the tv i will just build a mini ITX pc with a case that does not have cheap tacky shiny black plastic.

I can imagine kids pissing their brothers and sisters off by just coming into the room while their playing and saying "XBox Off"

Too bad it's stillborn.


Adon Cabre:

I never implied that we have to stop playing our consoles when we get new ones, but I still like backwards compatibility. My snes, genisis, sega saturn, N64, game boy advance, ds and psp are all broken. Systems break down over time and it takes money to replace them. From my quick look, a new ps2, one where you know the condition it is in, costs about 62 USD. Its an extra cost and although you say its an inexhaustible quantity of them, they will get rarer over time. If I can get digital downloads of old games it won't be as much of a problum anyway. Digital downloads prevent things like when Final Fantasty 7 was over $100 used on ebay. If x box and playstation get good digital markets with games form the past two generations, it would really help me personally to care more about the system.

The Microsoft cross platform thing I said, that was actually a poorly researched on my part. A while back I was thinking about how I didn't care about 360 exclusives. I was thinking about how the only games I liked on the 360 that weren't available on PS3 were Mass Effect and Bioshock, and PS3 got both of those eventually. At the end of the generation, the only game I would have missed, by never playing 360, that I liked, was Tales of Vesperia. However I just looked it up, and the only game that was really popular, and only on X box and PC was Gears of War. So I'll have to say I was wrong on that statement.

Finally, you say publishers don't want people playing PC games, but so many games this generation were on all three HD systems. This generation had very few 3rd party exclusives. Publishers wanted to put their games out on as many systems as possible. When PC's didn't get ports, it was because they thought it would be a poor investment, because PC gaming is a fringe market with high piracy, not because they don't want people buying PC games. The idea that publishers only want you to buy a game in particular forms is silly. They will be happy no matter what system you buy it on, so long as you buy it.

This response has been a lot more long winded then I had planned so sorry if it got ranty. But basically I've been gaming primarily on my computer the past 2 years and have been very satisfied with the results. You said buying a PC is unwise but I see it as stable and growing although small. This doesn't mean I think it's the only good choice however, I think the PS 4 is going to do just fine, likely being the most successful of the generation, but thats just a guess.


Microsoft & SONY will pressure 3rd party studios -- sometimes with money, sometimes with threats -- against a PC port. That's evil, but it's business all the same. And if the PC market grosses substantially, you'll see more DRM making a comeback as publishers ignore the core gamers. (I'll explain later)


To me SONY is a mix of Microsoft and Nintendo. Only 2 Super Mario Galaxies and two Zelda games came out for the Wii. Microsoft has played its last hand with age old exclusives; but Sony keeps turning new IP's. They have had the most consistently excellent exclusives of the last generation. The Japanese in SONY demands premium quality, while their western edge pushes a plethora of content.

3rd Party Studios hate developing for the Wii U. On the other hand, Micorosft has tons of beaurocracy and red-tape for smaller studios and indies to ever find a home.

As the PS4 has 50% more raw GPU power than the XBOXone, SONY will again dominate in exclusive title-quality. Their titles are just too good for a core audience to ignore. Hope for a relevant PC in this generation will be brightest right now, because when E3 rolls around, all of those exclusives will push that base toward the console.

The PC is Changing

Portability. Desktops and towers will be outdated 5 years from now. Laptops and ultrabooks. We all mostly shopping online and network anyways. Television will by then come standard with an HD camera -- poor XboxOne. Publishers know that it's not worth spec-ing up games to Crysis 3 standards. You can buy an Intel-i5 6gb-Ram 500Hdd for little under $600, and that's the group you want to develop for.

PC must go casual to exist, because it can't compete with exclusives, with quality games.

pictures have links

The winner of the next console generation has been decided.



Froggy Slayer:

Welp, nice knowing you Microsoft. You crazy, crazy assholes.

Really? REALLY!?! They will charge you to play a second hand game? You can't even lend a friend a game in that case.

If I am reading that right, it is only if you're installing the game on the hard drive so you don't have to play it from the disc. As far as I can tell from that article you can still play the game as long as the disc is in the console. I still think it's stupid, but it isn't as bad as I initially thought from your reactions.

Alas not. You have to install the game to HDD. It's partly to force you to link it to your account so it's now locked to you, and partly because the BluRay disk read speed is nowhere near quick enough to fill 8gigs of RAM in anything approaching a reasonable timeframe. Without HDD installation, load times would be horrendous.

As a lifelong console gamer, the installation is extremely annoying. As a game developer, the HDD install has made our lives a little easier.


Froggy Slayer:

Welp, nice knowing you Microsoft. You crazy, crazy assholes.

Not that I buy a lot of used games, but that's just a dick move if true.

Okay, so that's for installing only? Logistically that should be interesting to say the least. I wonder if hard drive installs would significantly improve load times and performance with the next generation.

It makes a big difference for us. One of our early concerns when working with the prototype hardware last year was, basically, "how the [email protected]*k are we going to get 8gigs of data from the BluRay drive without the gamer dying of old age"?!

From a gamer's perspective, the install is annoying, because that's the whole point of consoles - no installs! But from an end-user experience perspective, the install is worth it to cut down on load times.

I can imagine kids pissing their brothers and sisters off by just coming into the room while their playing and saying "XBox Off"

Well, it's meant to be tied to the voice of whoever turned it on. That's how it knows which Live account to log into when it boots up. When you're setting it up, you register your voice with it, and it 'recognizes' you...

That's the theory, anyway. I can't help thinking the voice commands will end in tears, kind of how you predict.


Gmans uncle:
So our lineup for the next 5ish years is (if I'm hearing this correctly) PS4, Xbox One, and WiiU... Are all the naming departments on strike at these giant electronics corporations or something?

PS4 is fine, and the only one there that actually sounds like a successor.


Wii U

Xbox 360
Xbox One

The Playstation naming department still have basic maths skills.

This must havbe been the Microsoft 'progress bar' department's job to come up with the names. Their math never works out either... LOL.

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