Lawsuit Filed Against MS for Scratched 360 Discs

Lawsuit Filed Against MS for Scratched 360 Discs

Microsoft's recent announcements conceding excessive failure rates and expanding the warranty period for the Xbox 360 console have not ended its hardware-related woes.

Following on the heels of a complaint filed last week in Florida, a class-action lawsuit has also been filed in a California court against the company, faulting the console for ruining game discs

Californians Christine Moskowitz and Dan Wood are seeking at least $5 million in damages for all 360 owners affected by the alleged design flaw. Their suit claims the Redmond-based giant refused to address their problems with disc replacements or monetary compensation.

While anecdotal reports have filtered about some consoles scratching discs across a variety of platforms, Microsoft has not issued a specific statement about the alleged problem.




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