Anderson No Longer Turbine President and CEO?

Anderson No Longer Turbine President and CEO?

At least that's what the official Turbine site seems to say. The newsies over at WarCry broke the news an hour ago when one of the staff noticed the change on the staff page. Jim Crowley is now listed as President and CEO of the Massachusetts-based game developer.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, says WarCry, as the staff had recently interviewed Anderson at Digital Life last week, during which no mention of the apparent change was made.

As this change was noted during off hours, WarCry has not been able to get an official response, but will be following the story.


And if anyone wonders who Jim Crowley is, he has a LinkedIn. Spent a year at VeriSign as VP following their acquisition of his previous employer, m-Qube. Don't ask me what they did as a company, though.

So is Turbine looking to sell out their "market-leading portfolio of managed communications and content offerings" to someone else?


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