Aspyr Releases Guitar Hero III Patch

Aspyr Releases Guitar Hero III Patch


Aspyr Media has released a patch for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, adding new features as well as fixing various issues with the game.

Version 1.1 of Guitar Hero III adds Co-op Quickplay mode for online multiplayer games, new lens flare and crowd settings in the graphics options menu and a new user interface screen in the controller options that displays the default keyboard controls. Leaderboard updates now take place more quickly, and whammy bar sound effects have also been improved.

Fixes to the software include the removal of bugs that could cause instability when joining online games, pauses, rare freezes and other "strange behaviors" on the Video Shoot venue, synchronization problems with Lou's puppet animation, corrupted game menus and various other issues. The 1.1 patch for Guitar Hero III is for the PC version of the game only.

A full list of additions and bug fixes is available at the Aspyr Support website. The patch is available for direct download here.


There are people who buy the PC-version? : /

There's a PC version?

And a Mac version!

The PC version is great for portable guitar hero: just bring your laptop and plastic guitar on the bus with you and become Bus Hero.
After half an hour, you'll become Robbed Hero.

soooooo.... how about the rest of us?

Screw the rest of you.


Oh, right, now I remember why PC versions are usually better in some regard....

Damn user made patches, why won't the companies who make these games release these patches themselves rather than let the community do it for them?


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