Fan Builds Mass Effect's Normandy With Lego's

Fan Builds Mass Effect's Normandy With Lego's

Ben Caulkins replica of the Normandy is four feet long with a nineteen inch wing span.

For some, the best way to celebrate their love of something is to simply enjoy it over and over again. They'll watch a movie hundreds of times, committing every frame to memory so that in moments of boredom they can simply shut their eyes and let the high definition memories come rushing back. Others celebrate their fandom by creating things. They'll write, draw, or maybe violate a few copyrights and knit a Firefly hat. Some, however, need deeper, more insane ways to prove their commitment to a franchise.

Ben Caulkins, for instance, builds things with Legos. Recently, to show off both his love of Mass Effect and mad LEGO skills, he pieced together an epic replica of the Normandy that looks so good he could probably box the thing up and sell it at Toys R' Us. Measuring a whopping four feet in length and possessing a wing span of nineteen inches, Caulkins replica looks to be based on the Normandy from Mass Effect 2. Readers living in the Chicago area can go see Caulkin's Normandy, which will be on exhibit at the upcoming Brickworld convention taking place this weekend.
While the Normandy is arguably his most impressive bit of work, it's not the only Mass Effect vehicle he's recreated. Posted to his Flickr account are pictures of a custom version of the Mako as well as a gigantic model of a Covenant Assault Carrier from Halo, among others.

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Ladies, please form an orderly line...

No really though, if I was a woman I would date those mad lego skills. Not even kidding.

LEGO really need to tap up this guys talents. I'd buy that thing in an instant.

Put that in a box and i'd pick it up day one. I've always wants a model of the Normandy SR2 and this is one hell of a display piece

Gotta say...that's probably the sweetest Lego model I've ever seen...and I've seen some pretty neat unique designs (from my friends, of course, I could never dream of having such constructive talent xP). Count me in with the people saying that if this was an actual Lego set they'd be all over it.

There is not a lego model in the world I'd rather have than this.

Man, that is freakin' awesome. Can he make the Star Child? That would be neat-o.

I swear I had seen a similar news like this posted on here ages ago! None the less it is impressive.

Here are some higher resolution photos from his FLICKR account.

34 photos of the Normandy, plus construction shots

If this doesn't make those lego people smile again nothing will :P

Can we make this happen? I want that in my house. Someone call up Bioware, EA, and LEGO. Even if it's just a one time thing. Or, at the very least, a parts list and instructions? Please?

Well shit. I guess I have to go buy -more- lego.

Thats sweet. Is it all from existing pieces or has he had some custom bits made?

I... need this in my life. Kudos to the guy who made it.

Didn't they already run a story about this a few years ago?


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