Dragon Quest X is Coming to PC

Dragon Quest X is Coming to PC


The previously Wii and Wii U exclusive MMO will hit the PC in September.

It looks like the previously Wii and Wii U exclusive Dragon Quest MMO: Dragon Quest X, will soon be making its way to Japanese Windows PCs. Square has released an Nvidia branded benchmarking tool as well as a beta-sign up page. Everything is in Japanese of course, and there is no word of an English release at this stage.

The game will launch on September 26th and come in two flavours, a standard edition for ¥3990 and and a Special Edition which comes with a controller for ¥9800. The first phase of beta testing starts on July 22, with a second phase later in August. Dragon Quest X, being initially a Wii title, is not the most demanding game, so a large range of PCs should be able to run it.

In Dragon Quest X you start off as a human and can play offline, but if you choose to partake in the MMORPG portion, you play as one of five non-human races. Square Enix kindly lets kids play for free during designated timeslots but grown ups need to shell out for a monthly subscription.

The Wii version of the game launched back in August, 2012, with the Wii U version following in March, 2013, to some very disappointing sales. Despite numerous requests from fans, neither the Wii nor the Wii U title have seen an English localization.

Perhaps the PC version will be the boost this game needs to pull it out of the doldrums and eventually reward us with an English version.

Source: Dragon Quest X (Japanese) via VG24/7


Can we stop turning franchises into MMOs? Please? I haven't played this one (don't plan to unless it gets stunning recommendations), but I absolutely adored Dragon Quest 8 on the PS2. I would love to see a DQ11 made by Level 5. This, however, doesn't excite me.

I don't wannt a damn MMO again!
Give me the real JPRG's. You can get no good JRPG on the PC.

All this exclusive games for 5 or 6 different devices suxx. Especially since 3/4 of em
are based on windows or a pc architecture.

Can I have the regular JRPGs instead of the MMO?

Gee an MMO fails by NOT having an expanded release across other countries with larger populations? Color me shocked.

Personally I've been disappointed not having a lot of exclusives for the Wii and Wii U just not given the actual time to be localized to english. I mean that is what drives people to buy consoles, exclusives.

But hey I'll be more than happy to see a DQX on the PC.

As much as it seems like a terrible idea to make a DQ MMO, if they were using parts of DQ9 as a 'test' for MMO mechanics, it works pretty well in that regard.

So wait, Square was working on two MMOs at once? Are they trying to go bankrupt?

Clive Howlitzer:
Can I have the regular JRPGs instead of the MMO?

No. Because apparently nobody liked DQ8.

¬_¬ I didn't evn fucking like 9, no desire for a DQ MMO, I want a bloody jrpg.

So an MMO released on the two consoles with the worst online support and in only one country isn't doing well? Colour me shocked.

I'm conflicted in that I'd love to have an official PC DQ release but I really don't want it to be an MMO. Damn it, Squeenix, why must you do this to my DQ?

The reason DQ sells so well is because its one of the last bastions of its sub-genre, if we then put it into one of the most saturated genres in this industry there's no wonder it isn't selling.

There is a little hope that I may get this one; there is indeed an offline mode. However, if it's anything like DQ9's then count me out. I don't want emotionless AI shells to take the place of online players, I want actual characters in my Dragon Quest!

First reaction: A JRPG on PC? Is this heaven?

Second reaction: Oh it's an MMO...well fuck this noise.


Bringing ageism back into gaming.

Monthly subscription? People still think they can get away with that?

Sorry Dragon Quest, as much as I love you, I'm not paying over and over for the same game multiple times.


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