Xbox President Don Mattrick Leaving For Zynga - UPDATED

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Xbox President Don Mattrick Leaving For Zynga - UPDATED

Mark and Don

It's now confirmed - Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business President Don Mattrick is leaving the company to assume the mantle of CEO at Zynga.

Don Mattrick of Microsoft has been in the public eye over the past several weeks for all the wrong reasons, but today's rumor that he's pulling up stakes is a big surprise nonetheless. According to "multiple sources close to the situation," Mattrick is leaving Microsoft just as the company is spooling up for the launch of the Xbox One, quite possible to take over top spot at struggling social gaming company Zynga.

Despite the backlash against Mattrick's performance at E3, losing him at this very critical juncture is bound to be a headache for Microsoft. And if he does report for duty at Zynga, it could also be a disappointment for Electronic Arts, which is (or at least was) reportedly giving him a serious look as the replacement for former CEO John Riccitiello.

The whole thing is a rumor at this point but the sources said an official announcement could come today after the close of markets. We'll update if and when we hear more.

Source: All Things D

UPDATE: Zynga has now officially confirmed that Don Mattrick is joining the company as its new chief executive.

The rumor that came to light earlier today regarding Don Mattrick's departure from Microsoft for the green fields of Zynga have now been made official. In a message posted on the Zynga company blog, founder and soon-to-be-former CEO Mark Pincus announced that Mattrick will in fact take over as CEO, while Pincus will stay on as Chairman and Chief Product Officer.

"Over the last few months I've spent a lot of time thinking about all that we have achieved together as a company. We have pioneered social gaming and helped make Play a core part of millions of people's lives. But Zynga has so much more potential ahead, the opportunity to be an Internet Treasure and deliver on our mission of connecting the world through games," Pincus wrote.

"As I reflect on the past six years, I realize that I've had the greatest impact working as an entrepreneur with product teams, developing games that could entertain and connect millions," he continued. "I've always said to Bing and our Board that if I could find someone who could do a better job as our CEO I'd do all I could to recruit and bring that person in. I'm confident that Don is that leader."

Mattrick will officially take the reins of Zynga next week.



Did he decide that he really enjoys fucking up and joined the most fuckingest up game company in the industry?


This is something I sure as shit didn't see coming O_O
Just if he was the president of that branch of MS, then he approved all the Xbone shit, right?

And Zynga want the guy who thought the Xbone was a good idea?...

This is a whole new level of weird s£&t. How bad is it at Microsoft that you look at zynga as a step up?

So you could say that, at the end of the business day, Mattrick may pull a 180?


Oh man, of all the places to jump ship to.

It's like jumping out of the frying pan into a giant pile of radioactive shit. That is also on fire. And about to crash into an iceberg.

If it's true, it could be interesting to see who the replacement will be at Xbox, considering I can't think of anyone in particular has covered themselves in glory during the last while at Microsoft.

This is hilarious, if true. I remain somewhat sceptical, however.

EDIT: My scepticism was misplaced. Hm.


God damnit escapist, I was trying to eat breakfast and when I read the headline I almost lost the contents in my mouth from laughter. Please, some consideration

Perhaps he thought "fek it. At lease at zynga you can't fek up any worst then they are. Screw it. I'll look fekin great over there!" Or perhaps he had enough of having a piece of A4 being slapped on hs back that read "I am a cockhead".

I really hope this is true - the thought of him taking the reins of EA is more than a little frightening.

Don't let an always online internet connection hit your ass on the way out, Don.

This is good news on all fronts. Don Mattrick would be safety tucked away where he can't do damage to anything of value.

Oh, and to throw it out there- Ballmer's been talking about restructuring Microsoft, so maybe ol' Don wasn't feeling good about his chances of being in his current position for much longer.

Well, after he was so dismissive during E3 about all of Xbox One's shortfalls, and his attitude about service members who wouldn't be able to use XB1, can't say I didn't see this coming.

I've never seen someone abandon a sinking ship for a ship that has already sunk...

guess all that drama was too much

My only reaction was to laugh.

Picture every hysterical laughter gif on the internet.

Perhaps he was planning to leave Microsoft all along and decided to screw up the Xbone's announcement as a last minute "goodbye"?

Or maybe he is like a bloodhound for failure?

Am I the only one who looks at his pictures and expects to hear "AHYUCK!" with Goofy's voice?

So now ALL his games will require an internet connection to play! PROGRESS!

Ow... ow... I had a canker sore inside my cheek that I set off when I burst into laughter upon reading this.

Am I the only one who looks at his pictures and expects to hear "AHYUCK!" with Goofy's voice?

You know, I didn't, but now that you've brought it up, I will never again not expect it. It makes that picture so much funnier.

I can imagine the thoughts that went through Zynga when looking at him for the position...

Spearheaded anti-consumer policies. Total disdain for his customers' concerns. Has the ability to trigger naseua in all gamers who hear him speak. This is JUST what we are looking for!

Well, given recent events I can't say he'd be suited for the job, at least in mindset if not common sense X3

Leaving before he gets fired, perhaps? With the sheer amount of bad PR associated with his name, Microsoft might be looking to rid itself of him.

Whenever I see his name written down, I always think he should become a mob boss.

Are Zynga and EA freaking insane!? I wouldn't so much as leave this guy in charge in my lemonade stand. He'd probably take out the lemons and reserve the right to knock the cup out of your hands after you bought it.

Im shocked that EA were considering head hunting him.

His many faux pas with the Xbox one gave me the impression that he wasn't a gamer. Just a head honcho showing off the work of people under him.

His backwards compatible remarks and his infamous 'we have an offline console, its called the xbox 360' quips told me that he didn't really know about the market he was dealing with.

Why would EA want someone who seems really out of touch as head honcho.

Zynga .... its a different beast to EA, but still.... The man isn't a gamer.

This sounds way to hysterically ironic (or maybe appropriate is a better word) to be true. Just goes to show how dead set Microsoft is on nickel and diming people if they are in bed with other companies like Zynga and EA.


Only this rat is getting off of one sinking ship, and onto one that has sunk.

Please don't let this be just a rumor. If anything him moving to Zynga would be a good thing compared to the alternative. If EA wants him, and he were to go there instead...*sudder* I don't want to think about the unholy things that would come from that.

EA wanted him to be the next CEO? Mr Foot in Mouth whose blundering makes EA look saint-like?

At least he'll be with like minded people in Zynga.

My best guess is MS let him quit to save face-they would've fired him otherwise-and Zynga's the only company that was willing to take him.

P.S. Thanks

Good. I'm glad this smarmy bastard is no longer associated with any brand I am interested in.

This may be the funniest god damn thing I've seen in weeks.

It's so funny I can't even laugh properly. I just keep smiling.

I don't even care if this is sad, this may end up being the high point of my week.

This is good news on all fronts. Don Mattrick would be safety tucked away where he can't do damage to anything of value.

This. If only this industry could contain all its stupid in one place.

This is the first bit of good news I've heard since the Xbone was announced. Their 180 doesn't count as it shouldn't have been necessary to begin with.


I guess it's good to have confirmation of the fact that nobody in near the top of Microsoft, EA or Zynga has any understanding whatsoever of the market they're dealing with.

No fucking way...seriously, this HAS to be a joke. It's just too god damn hilarious to be true.

AND EA was looking to hire him as the CEO too? Good lord, I needed a laugh today and this article certainly delivered. Should have made the headline "Rumor: World's Most Incompetent Gaming Company President To Become New CEO of World's Most Incompetent Gaming Company, Turns Down Offer From World's Second Most Incompetent Gaming Company." But I guess that'd be a little long for a headline.

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