Artist Turns Movies Into Twisting, Intricate Maps

Artist Turns Movies Into Twisting, Intricate Maps

Andrew DeGraff has a different take on ... now, what was that movie? Simon Pegg was in it, I think.

If you have a favorite genre movie - particularly if it's part of the Star Wars universe - illustrator and teacher Andrew DeGraff has something you ought to see. Imagine a movie laid out like some intricate schematic, or treasure map, with the character's paths through the story forming the connecting trail. Now try to work out which movie is which. "I've always been a little obsessed with scale models, and I think that feeling of a precious, complete, little recreation is what the maps embody," says DeGraff. Obsessed with scale models, eh? That would explain a lot, though DeGraff's attention to the least and last detail is what makes these artworks really sing.

These aren't the only movies DeGraff intends to map out; there's plans afoot for more, and some - like the Paths of Trek drawing - have been available for sale in limited edition print form, though in that instance it looks as though the print run may have sold out. Either that or someone needs to give the online shop a kick in the unmentionables. They're gorgeous pieces, every one; as DeGraff puts it, "much more like toys made from the plot of the films" than illustrations.

Want a little more of DeGraff's work? Then head over here.

Source: Wired


I feel bad that I didn't recognize #7 right away
But I wish we could get bigger sizes for crying out loud.

Honestly I am not big on riddle-ish things because I tend to skip over the answer and focus on over thinking it and never figuring it out. So as for that end of it, personally not impressed. However as a work of art I find this to be a very intruiging method of conveying its artists message. I think by opting to utilize known and commercial works as the source material it does diminish it as works of art. Had the artist used this technique to craft their own narrative it would have been something astounding. I do however appreciate though that it would have been so much harder to have pulled off effectively given how even with well known works people will completely miss the narrative they are seeing, imagine if they have no cues to work from.

Maybe my screen resolution is too high, but I can barely make out anything in these small pictures.

I think I've figured out 7 of them. Kind of fun but I was hoping that there would have been more films from different franchises (I don't want to spoil the answers for anyone).

I like these. I think they're rather brilliant.

Though a number of them weren't too hard to figure out. Some had fairly obvious clues within them. But I suppose, what with many of these films having iconic imagery, it would be nigh impossible to leave them out.

Hardest one for me was number four. Once I recognized a few of the buildings, though, and noticed what one of the planes was doing, the answer came quickly.

In fact, I think I may just watch that movie tonight. 'Tis a classic.

It's neat but all i can think of when looking at these is this:
Yes i know they are different but its a lot easier to read without very small (smaller if you click on the images) pictures of largely nondescript buildings, the death star stands out but the interior view doesn't help massively if you want details, also the arrows to show direction are tiny.

I like them, don't get me wrong but they're just too ... busy i suppose is the word i want to use.

Most are kinda obvious actually:

Well now I feel like a moron for not being able to figure out a single one of them, or even make out much of what was in them due to the size.

Pretty though. Very interesting idea.

It's neat but all i can think of when looking at these is this:

I came to this thread for the sole purpose of seeing whether I was the only one whose mind immediately jumped to the same thing.

No Ticket:
Most are kinda obvious actually:

The fences was the part that gave it away easily for me.

Fun little project though, I'd like seeing more of these.

I don't know why. But for some reason I was expecting to see little Billy from Family Circus walking across these maps.

Also, I'd love to see the map he made for the Goonies made into a pseudo-replica of the treasure map used in the movie itself.

I've only ever actually seen four of those films, so I guess it shouldn't be all that surprising I could only determine three of them. The Indiana Jones ones were rather small, as well, even compared to the others, otherwise I may have been able to figure them out.

Still, really neat. I imagine it took no small amount of effort to create those.


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