Grand Theft Auto V Unveils New Screens and Yoga Poses

Grand Theft Auto V Unveils New Screens and Yoga Poses

We've got eight new Grand Theft Auto V screens to look at, plus a big update to the Los Santos visitors' website that will teach you how to "Punch the Starfish."

If it's Friday, it must be time to look at some new screens from Grand Theft Auto V. I have no doubt that you will be shocked - shocked! - to hear that these images include panoramic vistas of Los Santos and Blaine County, vehicles of various sorts and of course three thuggish protagonists. And they look great!

The Los Santos and Blaine County Visitors' Travelogue has been updated as well and now offers information on three new areas of recreational activity. "Local Artisans" introduces you to some of the city's finest craftsman, while "Exclusive Country Clubs" explains how they go about keeping people like you away from people like them. Finally, there's my favorite, "Serenity and Wellness," where the health benefits of relaxing, fulfilling and compromising positions like the Downward Dog, the Dropping Fire Log and the Lucky Triangle are explained in not-quite-graphic-but-pretty-close detail.

Informative, practical and classy - that's how I like my GTA! Grand Theft Auto V comes out on September 17 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Wow, I just realized how close this is to release, can't wait, looking fantastic so far and I'm really excited for the online component.

The lighting and shadowing in this game looks spectacular. Better than most console games that I've seen. Just look at the 4th screenshot.

Alright. PC confirmed or I call bullshit on those screenshots.

In other news: I haven not been this excited for a game since Arma 3, 2 years ago.


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