Pay-What-You-Want for Bundle of Fate System RPGs

Pay-What-You-Want for Bundle of Fate System RPGs

The Bundle of Holding offers an extensive introduction to the Fate system for tabletop roleplaying in support of worthy charities.

There's always room on the (digital) shelf for another tabletop roleplaying game. The Bundle of Holding's latest pay-what-you-want offering includes seven games built on the Fate rules. Like other bundles, if you pay over the average (currently $14.98) you will unlock three bonus books, bringing your total to ten. All of the games are provided as DRM-free PDFs. Ten percent of each purchase goes to support the Somaly Mam Foundation and War Child International charities.

The bundle includes the Fate Core and Fate Accelerated books from Evil Hat Productions' recent and overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter. These two rulebooks are also available directly from Evil Hat Productions through a pay-what-you-want system. The heart of this bundle is the other rulebooks, all of which are based on the previous version of the Fate rules but can be updated with the new rules in Fate Core. Bulldogs! offers an alien-filled space opera, while Diaspora provides a hard science-fiction game for Fate. Spirit of the Century brings fast game play in a pulp setting, while Ehdrigohr and Full Moon round out the collection with mythic heroes and lonely pioneers on the Moon, respectively. The bonus books add Kerberos Club (supernatural Victorian London), Legends of Anglerre (a gritty fantasy world with wide range of power), and Starblazer Adventures (swashbuckling in the stars).

The Bundle of Holding has previously sold bundles of ebooks by game designers and indie tabletop RPGs. The Bundle of Holding's Fate offer is only available until September 19, 5:00 pm EDT.

Source: Bundle of Holding


FATE's a great system, very narrative driven. I've even considered using it along with another system, since you could conceivably use the FATE parts for creating the storyline behind the party and linking it to the game world, as well as use it for the softer social systems, then use a crunchier system for the combat if you so chose.

Of course, it works quite well by itself, as long as you're using it with a group who really digs the narrative side of things and doesn't require heavy tactical combat rules.

Funny thing - the average price is now over $15 - I was thinking about buying the bundle but I noticed that the "average price" was based upon 1,000 "fake" bids at $12. They only have 1,700 bids so far so they've artificially raised the price from he original pricing that existed prior to today's activity (the price was UNDER $6 last night...)

Playing games with the numbers...


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