Video: Microsoft's Alex Noon Unboxes Exclusive White Xbox One

Video: Microsoft's Alex Noon Unboxes Exclusive White Xbox One

It's just like a normal unboxing video of the Xbox One, but this one's a version you can't buy.

Microsoft employee Alex Noon uploaded an unboxing video of the white Xbox One limited to Microsoft's 2013 launch team. An associate producer at Microsoft, Noon is one of the few people in the world with a white Xbox One as opposed to the default black. Noon walks through the unpacking of the console and the other items employees received with their Xbox One systems.

The white Xbox One is not available for sale to the public, and charity auctions of the exclusive white version have seen high bids. Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb auctioned one for the Wounded Warrior Project, and the winning bid was $11,300. GamesAid's auction of the white system raised £5000. The system comes with a white on black controller, and according to Noon the texture is different. The black controller has a smooth, plastic feel while the white controller has a "rubbery" texture, which he says makes it more comfortable to grip. Emblazoned on the controller and the console reads "I Made This 2013." Microsoft employees also receive Xbox One launch titles Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, and Zoo Tycoon.

The white Xbox One controller is probably the coolest part of the limited edition. You sadly won't see it in a store, and you may never get close enough to one to see it in person, so I guess that makes this unboxing video either at least on par, maybe even a bit better, than the majority of Xbox One unboxing videos.

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And what do you do when the controller needs to be replaced?

Suddenly the color scheme is ruined :<

It's pretty, but not as nice with the black sides (should be all in white, not two-tone). Anyway, I'm sure in no time there'll be plenty of case mods available to buy and self-install (at the potential risk of invalidating one's warranty). I modded my original XBox, both firmware and case myself and gave it a nice white finish. Used car spray paint, white matte, evenly sprayed in two coats, then lacquered at the end. Kinda like this but not quite as good (and all my S controllers were black).

It's amusing that with the 360, the default colour was white and when released, the Elite 250gb in black was the desirable one. It's clearly not the colour that's desirable, just the rarity of having the less common one.

If I could pick, apart from some cool, unique case mod with cutouts, perspex and LEDs, I would love a brushed aluminium case. Metal instead of plastic, brushed aluminium just looks gorgeous, is infinitely more robust and silver matches modern consumer electronics a lot better too.

All of these case mods are great, would love any one of them.

Eh, I like the 360 Launch Edition better simply because they had their makers gamertags engraven onto their HDD's.

This shit reminds me of those reviewers showing off their free PS4's.

I prefer the white Xbone so much more over that black VHS looking behemoth.

I like how the controller is apparently a different texture.

What that says to me is

"We could have make the controller even more comfortable... but decided you lowly black console peasants weren't worth the effort"
*insert snobbish laughter here*

Looks better than the black one. It is also more practical.
My old white Xbox 360 accumulates as much dust as my PS3 but guess which one looks alright and which one looks like "WTF dude how about do some dusting?"

So i take it this one will be released to the public in about a years time as an "Exclusive Gamestop/Game console? xD

Looks pretty, but i'll be getting PS4, will wait to see what the Xbone Slim/Elite is like.

I may actually buy an XBox One if it looks this cool. And this design really looks cool.

As it most likely won't come to market, chance of me getting an XBox One has stayed at a steady 0%. So, fortunately, no love loss from me, since there's no love anymore.

Now, if they made the next Jade Empire an XBox exclusive...

Microsoft = Macrofail, it would seem. But that's just my view.

I was kind-of hoping that this was a tongue-in-cheek moment where the "exclusive white Xbox" was just an Xbox 360. If Microsoft (or Sony) could actually show some levity, I'd respect them a bit more. But no, they take themselves super seriously. Blegh.

I don't really care about the color, it's the comment on how the different controller feels comfortable to grip. Why wouldn't they make the controller as comfortable as possible for everyone? This reads to me like they could've given the public better feel controllers, but kept for themselves. If you wanna give some aesthetic differences to those that worked hard, sure. An actual benefit to select individuals though just doesn't sit right with me.

Why did this need special unboxing? so that the copy wont be mint condition and wont be able to be sold as collectors item?

Looks better than the black one. It is also more practical.
My old white Xbox 360 accumulates as much dust as my PS3 but guess which one looks alright and which one looks like "WTF dude how about do some dusting?"

So PS3 is more practical? It alarms you that you shoudl remove the dust and not clog up the machine so it wouldnt overheat!


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