Xbox One "Immersive Gaming" Video Ad May Be a Bit Disturbing

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Breaking News!!!

Our game console has realistic graphics!!!

This ad campaign is 100% new and fresh and has never been done before!!!!

oh wait...

Realistic in 3rd person at 30fps with a controller and quick-time events.

That olympic game with the pad you lay on the floor for the NES was more realistic, and way more fun. You actually got tired from doing the actions on screen, that says a lot for a game in the 80s.

Is this what advertisements for games are going to be? Not the game's fun and worthy of enjoyment. It looks so nice, it'll make you bleed. Fuck you.

So, like. Why'd he need to say "Xbox, resume" if he had the controller in his hand? Wouldn't it have been faster just to press the B button than to speak a full sentence?

He's doing it to justify the extra $100 he spent getting an Xbone over a PS4.

Seriously though, that advert was bad, and where the hack are they even going to show it? Here in the UK they won't show an advert featuring injuries before 9pm anyway, and most would pull this as soon as the first complaint came in. No parent is going to buy an xbox for their kid after that, and I can't see any gamer being pulled in by it either, just who is their target demographic here?

Do you think the video spot's in good taste or is Microsoft banking on shock value too much to catch attention?

Neither, really. It just seems really, really silly to me. To whom, exactly, is the ad supposed to appeal? I can't imagine anyone watching it and thinking to themselves, "I was on the fence about whether to get an Xbox One, but - man - I gotta get me some of this"!

Undomesticated Equine:

Speaking of Ryse: Son of Rome, if you haven't played one of the Xbox One's exclusive launch games yet, make sure to read our review where it states the action-adventure game has an "amazingly enjoyable and ruthlessly violent combat."

I am sorry but is that the same Ryse that Yahtzee reviewed cause it sure as hell does not seem so. Ahh but whatever just a stupid add to a stupid game thank god i do not watch TV.

yea, out of all the games on the Xbone, Ryse is not a good one.

Whoever says it is should report to room 121 and have a hole drilled into their head to see if they actually have a brain.

But hey, at least it isn't as shitty as Fighter Within. too bad that's like saying "hey, at least that rock I threw at you wasn't a glass bottle!"

It's not so much as disturbing as it is stupid and a little too self-indulgent. Say what you will about the Kevin something ads for the PS3, not once did I get the feeling they were taking themselves seriously. Remember the one about the girlfriend that thinks Uncharted's a movie? And they were funny.

So the Xbox One induces PTSD?

I don't think this is what you should have aimed for, guys.

"Graphics so real, you'll get PTSD!"

This is not very good marketing.

Yeah. It doesn't sound very healthy. And the guy went back to playing it. I think he has problems, lol. If I played a game and started having mental episodes where I'd see battle damage randomly appear and disappear off of me, then I'd have to stop playing for my own mental health XD. Curious, though. Video games can have some gruesome death scenes as well. Does he have visions of those, too?

It's as if they took the old cheesy Sega Genesis commercials, took out all the fun and color, but ramped the cheesiness to a million to the point where they're not even fun to watch anymore.


Because this is making gamers look good.

Meh, I don't see a problem with this.

I'm just getting to old for this shit.

That and the game is terrible, or so I've heard.

Sniper Team 4:
When video games do hit this level, I will be thrilled. Okay, like the holodeck, there better be an option to turn the safety on, but still this would be amazing. I would love to be able to play a game using my real body and my level of reflexes. That would be a blast. Not sure if I would enjoy the actual harm part.

If they did THIS kind of game I'd jump on board the "let's get off the couch and be active!" bandwagon. Until then, I shall sit here eating my potato chips XD

The message I get from this ad is that buying an Xbox One is a form of self mutilation.

Well, it's certainly self-punishment.

I don't know, this ad just doesn't creep me. It seems stupid, but not offensive or shocking or anything like the article might say.

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