Kojima Worried MGSV: The Phantom Pain "Too Big" for Players to Finish

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So this guy has apparently never heard of Skyrim, Fallout 3, Oblivion or Fallout New Vegas. Each of those is easily 100+ hours long, and he is worried about a game that takes slightly longer to complete than a movie?

Most games bought go unfinished, actually. Hell a good chunk of players don't even get half way through a game. It's just that most devs don't care as soon as they have your money.

Also all of those can be finished in terms of the main plot in under five to eight hours, if not within an hour. Even with skipping cutscenes Kojima's games, and this is typically without side content to pad it out which makes up 99.999999~% of those sandbox games, can last you nearly ten hours. MGS4 had data installs longer than Skyrim's main story :D

If he later worries about whether his upcoming game is "too awesome" will that also make news?

First rule of listening to Kojima, don't listen to kojima he's kind of a drama king.

Bitch, please, people complain about the lack of stuff to do on freaking Skyrim, you're severely underestimating them.

Having said that, YES!, I'm glad Kojima's "worried" about the game's size :)

I can't wait to see this 400 hour campaign he's promising...

Bitch, please, people complain about the lack of stuff to do on freaking Skyrim, you're severely underestimating them.

That's mostly because so little of it's content is good though.

I see that Kojima is channeling Molyneux. How fun.

Sounds like he's really trying to tease us. "Oh this game is going to be awesome, but I don't know, maybe it's just a little too hardcore for you guys...".

Sounds like it would have been a lot more sensible to break it up into two halves rather than a 0.5% and a 99.5% (approximately).

Since when a game too long has been a reason to dicard it?
If the game is good and got you from the beggining, will take you to the end, but that is not excuse to make cutscenes longer than the full trilogy of The Lord of the Ring, hope Kojima understand that.

Dude, it's your job to make your game playable, quit whining about how it's too long or has too many parts.

OMG! So, like, I played those awful 20-hours games, and thought: oh maaah, itz so darn' biaaag! Ah wanna kina less of dat crap.

The real concern probably comes from the fact that only about whatever that percentage said of gamers completed the games. I don't mind long games if there is a reason for them to be long. I have 38 hours on NV on just my latest playthrough, and mostly I've just done the DLC. (Also spent a lot of time clearing the cache)

But if they buy the game, and quit playing half way through because that's what they do, then you still got the money for it Kojima, and the people who are huge fans of MGS and enjoy new content for the franchise will be grateful about the length and girth of The Phantom Pain.

i don't believe it is a 400 hour game, even finding and doing everything. i don't even think it could reach 400 hours with the cutscenes. not in a single playthrough at least, but then he should have said you'll spend 200x more time playing, not there is 200x bigger.

unless ground zeros has you playing as army men soldiers, and phantom pain is quite literally 200x bigger...

Is this guy shooting up some kind of random drugs each week when he wants to talk to the press?
Most claims are just... crazy to me. Like he really wants attention (pre-orders?), but he has not clue how to get press... let's say "normally" ?

Anyhow, if it's 400 hours, there will be lots of people eventually clearing that... if it's ACTUALLY good enough.
There are TONS of WoW players with so many more hours.

Now that I think about it... if this will be getting a 360 release and it'll be as big as he claims it will be, how the heck is he going to ship the game?, 2~3 install discs and 1 play disc?.

Maybe I'm overestimating it, but keep in mind, he's working with 3 systems with BluRay discs, so it'll be a given it'll ship on a single disc in those systems.


"Your Hideo Kojima is evolving!"
"Your Hideo Kojima evolved into Peter Molyneux!"

I seem to recall our good friend Peter saying the same sort of things about Fable, bless his little cotton socks.

Looks like you got it.

I honestly hope the new MGS will sweep me off my feet like all the previous games in the saga did, but I am worried that this one, this new episode here, will be the episode in which Metal Gear will finally jump the shark, and turn from masterpiece to crap. As foretold by the ancient prophecy!

Complete with dog companion breadcrumb trail for main and side ops!

Kojima has head up ass, as Kojima is known to show.

Who wants to bet half of this x200 size is dedicated to cut-scenes?

Adam Jensen:
That's a weird thing to be worried about. If the game is good enough, people will want to go back to it over and over again. It doesn't matter how big or small your game is, if it's boring people won't finish it.

I think what he is trying to express (assuming that this isn't a marketing gimmick) is that he is worried that the main game/campaign is compromised by it's length and the sheer amount of side content. Basically, he is worried that the game lacks focus because they jammed so much into it.

People have gotten "the Insane" title in WoW. Don't worry about it, Hideo.

Alex Co:
let's hope The Phantom Pain's 200x increase means that even played without side-missions, it will take longer than most movies to complete.

Hehe, was that a Freudian slip?

All I can say is that if Kojima thinks the game is too long, then the game is definitely too long. Be afraid.

'I am worried my game is too awesome' is always a believable fear. Also I wonder what percentage is composed of cutscenes?

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person on this board who actually likes Metal Gear. These threads make always depress me.
OT: I hope it's not completely barren and empty just for the sake of being big. Then again, knowing Kojima, there's bound to be tons of things to do and things to see. I mean over decade later and I still find an occasional hidden extra in MGS1 and 2. Easter Eggs and secrets are his thing, so I just hope MGSV is chock-full of them.

EDIT: Maybe he means it's 200x the 5 minutes it took his speedrunners to beat it. I guess that means the fastest playthrough of MGSV would be about 16 hours.

I'd just like to point out, since no one seems to have noticed, but Kojima went on record recently saying that he was trying to cut down significantly on cutscenes, relegating them to mission briefs and some small ones during missions. So no, it will most likely not be 400 hours of cutscenes. Probably. We hope.

Where do people keep getting 400 hours from?

I like that this thread is full of people claiming Kojima is BS'ing us, and then pulls out random numbers based on pretty much nothing.

I read the words "200x bigger" not "200x longer", which given that MGS5 is an open world map game, tells me the total map size for all the regions put together is 200 times the small, single map we're getting from Ground Zeroes.

While that doesn't sound THAT big(so, what, Skyrim size?) given how often gamers don't finish more linear games, it's not too suprising he's worried that the paradigm shift from linear maps to open world would scare a lot of series fans away.

Not that I think that's TRUE, as many people in the thread have pointed out they've completed even more insane stuff, but given he's coming off an entire franchise of super linear games, it's not weird he's concerned.

I put a 100+ hours into Peacewalker.......I am ready.

200 times bigger than Ground Zeros, so 400 hours. Just how many discs will the movie game be shipping on? It's discouraging to see Kojima going in to full spin mode to try and get people interested in the game after they have concerns. As others have said, he's delving in to Molyneux territory.

News prediction for tomorrow: Kojima confident MGSV: The Phantom Pain will deliver explosive orgasms to all

I hate to say this, but if that's the next promise, I believe it. It's like believing my longtime girlfriend will all of a sudden lose all of her prowess just because now she's added playing coy to the roleplay.

Is the game 200x bigger, or is are there just 200x the cutscenes? Because if that's the case, then the game is still only about 10 hours long.

Kojima, have you been talking to Molyneux lately? Because you're clearly both smoking the same stuff and I want some.

Let's just hope that "200x" amount of content means actual gameplay time and not just more and longer movies. Oh wait, I don't play MGS anyways, why am I here?

this sounds good to me my biggest problem with the metal gear solid series was that if you cut out all the cutscenes you could basically finish the story in a single sitting

So, Kojima is releasing his next great... sleep aid... and he's worried it'll be too effective?

If even you think your work is too boring to keep people's interest, then maybe you should think about hiring an editor.

200x Bigger.... now just how much of this 'bigger' is gameplay and how much is cut scenes?

I can't wait to see this 400 hour campaign he's promising...

Given that he said 200x bigger and not 200x longer and it's an open-world game, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he's referring to the surface area of the maps.

I wish Kojima would clarify what he means by 200X bigger. As in length? Size of all the environments put together? Quantity of missions?

The headline should have been: "Kojima Greatly Underestimates the MGS Fanbase"

So the thread devolves into a string of token comparisons to Pete Molyneux (please, someone give me a source of when he ever said that he was worried that his games would be too big) and token "jokes" that MGS is a movie and not a game become hurr hurr a series that has always focused on its story before it was even something to complain about is terrible hurr hurr etc, etc.

I can see where Kojima is coming from. His series has always been hyper-linear, even MGS3 which was the most "open-world" the series ever was until now. Throwing a huge map into a stealth-based game is going to increase the amount of time someone plays it (imagine if you had to sneak all over Skyrim all the time).

There's a trope for what Kojima is worried about, and it's the Quicksand Box.

Being more into linear games, almost every sandbox game is a Quicksand Box to me, and considering that fans of MGS expect a linear game, I can see a sizable chunk not wanting to bother with an open-world stealth game because the slow pace coupled with a lot of alleged content runs the risk of making everything a crawl, and that's not even taking the story into account if you don't skip it, which a lot of fans won't.

This is brilliant, it's like your partner saying; "Sorry babe, I'm so good in bed, that if I sleep with you, it'll ruin your endorphin production." Just give us the game man, stop boasting.

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