Casper: A New Startup is Finally Taking On the Mattress Industry

Casper: A New Startup is Finally Taking On the Mattress Industry

Casper Mattress 310x

Buying a mattress is rarely a fun or time-friendly experience. Casper is looking to change that.

Keeping with today's line of trying to improve traditionally crappy experiences: When was the last time you bought -- and enjoyed buying -- a new mattress? Mattresses are expensive, and dealing with a mattress dealer is akin to buying a used car. Can the startup community come up with a better process? It very well might have.

Casper is a new direct sale mattress company that operates online, and only online. They sell one kind of mattress (in several traditional sizes), and give you 40 days to try it out. There's no soft, no firm, no naming malarkey. There is only one.

According to a company profile done by The Verge, Casper decided to go the "hotel mattress" route when designing a sleepin' slab. "We looked at the hotel industry, where they don't ask you what kind of bed you need, and in general people love sleeping on hotel beds," said Casper CEO Philip Krim. "We always knew about the games retailers play with having eight gradients of firmness - that's part of how they guide you through the showroom towards something more expensive and more comfortable."

The mattress design uses memory foam and latex throughout, ending with a ten-inch-thick mattress that will supposedly satisfy the majority of users. Buyers get 40 days to sleep on it, and returns are free if the Casper isn't the right mattress for you.

Regarding price, the Casper starts at $500 (Twin), and goes up to $950 for the King variant.

Having just moved back to my native Boston from Los Angeles, a new mattress is high on my "To Buy" list. Anything I can do to avoid a trip to the mattress/furniture store (especially buying one online), is going to get some serious consideration.


It is indeed a really dumb and awkward process. However, I wonder how they would compete with major retailer sales. I bought my fantastic king size during a Memorial Day sale last year, so it ended up costing my wife and I less than the Casper Twin.

Devin Connors:
Having just moved back to my native Boston from Los Angeles, a new mattress is high on my "To Buy" list.

Memorial Day is just around the corner again, so keep an eye out. Last year Sears had a "Every mattress 50% off" sale. Perhaps Casper will do the same, but that must really hurt a fledgling company that doesn't have the backbone that all the retailers have built up.

Shouldn't you, y'know, mark the sponsored ad articles? I seem to recall that you did that before.

I had no idea that buying a matress was difficult. We went to a few places and got to lay on the actual product. We paid money and it was delivered. How is that difficult?

Now, buying a car can be pretty awful. Car dealers in almost all states have crazy laws that make it so that only one dealer can be in a geographical area for a particular type of car. It is actually illegal for the maker of the car to sell it to you directly (see Tesla's legal wranglings).

So, in order to avoid the local Toyota dealer that we didn't like, we had to drive to another state to get a car. Buying a car is like buying a small house in terms of paperwork (matresses aren't). Then we had to wait to get paperwork to rush to the county office to get our car inspected since it was from a different state.

Seriously, buying a car is messed up. Buying a matress isn't.


Either you're really passionate about good mattresses that you'd even post about it on a gaming/geek news page, or this is an unmarked sponsored article.

Uh... is this news?

Sorry, but our local shops are too good to give my money to someone net company I know nothing about.

First off: welcome back to the East Coast! What'd you bring us?

As for the article itself: having a mattress company operate exclusively online is not a common occurrence. If it wasn't for that and the somewhat Apple-like sales model, then I can see how it'd be mistaken for sponsored content. Still, I'm not sure how it would work with the variety of different spinal/muscular/etc configurations that people's backs have. Guess we'll find out, eh?

because when I go to a gaming website looking for geek, game, tech, or entertainment news, I actually want news about mattresses.

Oh Escapist, you know exactly what I want to read.

....... oh dear... someones Sarcasm detector is going off, could you turn it off please? I'm having a hard time praising mattresses on a gaming website.

It's called Amazon. I got a Brentwood queen for $400 plus shipping. Wash the cover about every 4 months and you're good to go.

On the subject of pushy salesmen: You need to employ what I call the "Games Workshop Method"

Sales staff: "Welcome to [store], may I help you with your selection today?"

you: "Indeed, stand over there and don't talk. If I need anything, I'll come and ask you."

I wonder how returning the mattress works with the bedbugs thing? I suppose they must sanitize them in some way before reselling. Or at least I really hope so.

I have to wonder how much money they got for this article, cause it seems like a VERY thinly veiled bit of advertising.

From the mattress site:

The other - less spoken - benefit of latex foam is a healthy bounce. Unlike most modern foam-based beds, the Casper retains a traditional springiness that removes any sensation of being stuck and provides a helping hand to indoor sports.

Ah, latex, once again helping out with "indoor sports".

Heh, I'm probably crazy, but I still think it funny I got that whole "memory foam" functionality by just buying a hammock for a tenth of the price. Originally to save space, but these things are pretty damn comfortable to sleep in.

Not too sure I want to buy a mattress from a company named "casper". The very last thing I want to think about when I'm lying down on a bed about to go into a state of perpetual darkness is a fucking ghost. No matter how friendly.

i sleep on the floor in a swag , better than every matresses i have ever slept on

I sleep on a futon in my tatami room. Apparently I'm not too picky in this area.


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