Marvel Won't Move Captain America 3 Release Date for Batman v Superman

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I don't really see why this is such a big deal. Both of those films are going to make disgusting amounts of money over the course of their run in cinemas. It's not like they're both only coming out for one day. Aside from that, the 'opeing weekend importance' is surely less of a big deal with both of these properties. 'Avengers' and 'TDKR' didn't clar a billion in their first weekends, I really doubt either studio cares that much, they know they have several weeks of fat paydays coming in the weeks after these release.

And I for one am glad they're both out the same day. That is going to be quite the double-bill. It will be a good day.

My only question here is why do we assume Captain America 3 would move for Batman v Superman? Batman v Superman is the underdog here. They are the ones who should be afraid.

No one should assume that. The fact is, Marvel already had scheduled the date and announced it as "TBA Marvel Cinematic Universe Film" when BvS DOJ moved from its previous date near the opening of Ant Man to be on the same date as Capt. America.

This was a purposeful move on DC's part. All Marvel did was fill in their title later.

I will see Captain America in the theater. I will likely wait for DoJ on DVD and borrow it from the library like I did Man Of Steel. And I really don't regret that decision.
I may never pay DC another dime after so many disappointments from them since New 52 began.

My only question here is why do we assume Captain America 3 would move for Batman v Superman? Batman v Superman is the underdog here. They are the ones who should be afraid.

I suppose maybe because Captain America is such a nice guy? I.E. he wouldn't want to beat up a weakling franchise on their big opening weekend even though they're after a piece of his market.

Well, Marvel's stuff is consistently great, while the last Batman movie was meh, and the last Superman movie was whiny emo crap. DC ought to move if they don't want to get destroyed.

From what I can tell, by how successful the Marvel movies have been, Captain America has become very well known, and it seems people know him as well as Super Man or Batman. So I wonder, even though Batman and Superman are well known, with Captain America becoming more well known and audiences loving the movies, have they lost their iconic status advantage? If it was against Captain America 2, they might've had an advantage since people only knew him from the first movie and the Avengers, but Cap 2 seemed to have gotten people really interested in his story, and with him having one more movie appearance before Cap 3, people will have motivation to want to see what happens to him.

This is only from a small number of people I know, but if this was the general reaction from most of the audience, I wonder if Batman v Superman movie will have any iconic status advantage.

Fancy Pants:
I didn't think Captain America was much of a celebrity. Maybe it's an American thing. I would think anything with Batman in it would garner much more attention.

Captain America doesn't do too well on his own in Argentina. Check out these attendance figures:

Captain America: The First Avenger - 561,341
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 806,135

Compare that to...

The Dark Knight Rises - 1,807,171

Iron Man on the other hand is just as popular, because he doesn't carry the jingo thing Cap does.

Iron Man 3 - 1,860,750

Marvel's Avengers, on the other hand...

The Avengers - 2,675,356

And just for fun...

Man of Steel - 716,286

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