Official Left 4 Dead 2 Patch Uncensors The Game For Aussies

Official Left 4 Dead 2 Patch Uncensors The Game For Aussies

Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors

Australians can now experience Left 4 Dead 2 in its fully uncensored gory glory.

Good news, Australia! Remember when Valve got Left 4 Dead 2 reclassified under the country's new(ish) R 18+ rating? Well, now that all the proper official wheels and cogs have fallen into place, the developer has pushed out a patch for the Australian Steam release of the title that brings it in line with the gore-tastic version being enjoyed by (most of) the rest of the world.

To access the patch, you'll have to go to the "downloadable content" section in your Steam library and apply it manually - by default, users have the game's censorship enabled. If you've been patiently waiting for this day to buy the game, you'll be happy to know that it is currently 75% off in celebration, until September 22.

Originally denied classification altogether in 2010 due to its extreme violence, a heavily censored version of the game was resubmitted for classification and eventually approved for sale in Australia. While Aussies were quick to find ways around the censorship, now that the game is official R 18+, they no longer need to jump through any hoops.

As for console gamers, well, there doesn't seem to be any kind of equivalent patch for the respective Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. We've reached out to Valve to see if they will get a patch, and if it intends to re-publish an R 18+ version of the game in the country.

Source: PC Gamer


... Shit, why am I so excited?

I guess the reason I am so happy about this is the fact that I believe as an Auzzie I couldn't play with those who didn't play the non-censored, the lack of a large amount of mechanics and the fact that some enemies were friggin' missing. This was a horrible censor - though still a great game - that effected FAR too much apart from the gore.

Seriously, no screen splatter meant that the mudmens danger and ability didn't exist and that melee felt like beating pillows with inflatables. Killing infected was no were near as fun, as once they hit the health total they just fell over rather than getting torn apart by a storm of bullets in awesome fashion.

Also, the rather funny fact that for the longest time Valve let the Auzzie version switch to uncensored SO easily that a friggin' community built up around it. If I recall correctly, you simply had to go into the game files, find a single txt document and switch a number that I recall was something like 716 or 710 to 711 or something. And that was it. There were enough people that did it that while you could only connect to others who did the same change, you could almost always find a full game.

Still, yay for logic finally arriving on our shores. I was almost expecting our PM to sink it before arrival.

I actually plan to buy this now.

Yeah, I was one of those stubborn bastards who refused to buy it just on general principles.

PS3 version...?

C'mon 360 Game of the Year Edition...

Uggggghhhh It's glorious (playing it now, suck it peasants.) I'm so happy right now.

I went through the hoop jumping back in the day to secure a UK copy (not nearly as easy as it sounds), and never bothered with the censored version after getting what we all deserved in the first place.

Seriously, if you haven't played it yet with real gore, it's like a whole new game. Could not recommend playing this any harder now the patch is out.

Well, congratz, Australia? You now got a less broken version of a still complete broken game?

I was almost expecting our PM to sink it before arrival.

Oh, come now. Tony Abbot would never do something like that...

Glad to see our friends in the south can finally play the game proper. This is definitely a win for Ameristralians everywhere.

Uggggghhhh It's glorious (playing it now, suck it peasants.) I'm so happy right now.

Welcome to 2010 =) Aussies.

OT: I can't believe it;s taken this long for one game to be uncensored, makes me wonder how long it would take for the others.

alright screw the haters im gonna say it:


yes its a company, yes theres a chance they might crew me over in the future, i still love those guys

PS3 version...?

St. Aidan:
C'mon 360 Game of the Year Edition...

dudes, instead of asking for an uncensored version for some really old consoles, go get it now on steam


the game runs on most toasters

As an Aussie who always had the proper version this pleases me, I was tempted to grab a second copy for LAN, might do so now that it's on sale :-)

It's not like Aussies haven't been playing with gore for years, thanks to tools like Left4Gore.
Still, it's nice to be doing it legitimately, I guess?


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