Oscar Mayer Releases a Dating App for Bacon Lovers - Finally

Oscar Mayer Releases a Dating App for Bacon Lovers - Finally

Don't go bacon my heart.

Have you ever began dating someone, only to realize they enjoy *gasp* Canadian bacon? We've all been there. Thankfully, Oscar Mayer has the cure. The amazing, delicious, greasy cure.

All around the world today, lonely bacon enthusiasts can rejoice - finally, a dating app has been created with their interests in mind. Oscar Mayer has released Sizzl, a dating app focused exclusively on uniting lovers of the finest of all pig belly commodities. This is a far superior method to matchmaking, versus focusing on shallow factors like interests, hobbies, and financial stability. Take that, eHarmony.

Using Sizzl appears to be simple: download the app, customize your profile with your bacon preferences, upload a picture, and swipe away. You can message other Sizzl users in attempts to meet up for some "bacon-wrapped dates."

You're bacon me crazy!


Do you actually get to date bacon?

Given what excessive bacon consumption likely does to one's physique, there's a "pigs in a blanket" joke in this news, but I'm shaking my head at the concept too much to write it out...


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