Grow Weed With Your Smartphone Thanks to Leaf's "Plug & Plant" Harvest House

Grow Weed With Your Smartphone Thanks to Leaf's "Plug & Plant" Harvest House

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Lifetime supply of Funyuns and Labyrinth on Blu-ray not included.

If you're among the roughly 10% of people in the United States who consider themselves regular marijuana users -- whether for medical purposes or otherwise -- chances are that you're at least familiar with the process of growing it, and more specifically, how difficult that is to do if you want a decent end product. It may be "just a weed" according to some, but the truth is, growing high-quality marijuana requires a near constant monitoring of everything from light to ventilation to nutrient and pH levels of the soil it's grown in.

With the pot laws in this country becoming less stringent by the day -- over 23 states have legalized the plant in some capacity and five have legalized it altogether -- more and more people have opened up to the idea of growing marijuana in their own homes. Not all of us, however, possess the green thumbs necessary to accomplish such a task.

This is where the people over at Corsica Innovations hope to take over and corner the market with Leaf: A High-Tech, discrete grow house that automatically grows up to five ounces of marijuana at a time.

Presented as part of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 (video below), Leaf is a "Plug N' Plant" home growing system that controls aspects of marijuana farming, monitoring all the aforementioned variables (light, soil pH level, etc.) within a 4′ x 2′ box that resembles your college mini-fridge.

Not only that, but Leaf can also sense when something like the nutrient level of the soil is low and automatically adjust itself using replaceable, single-serving nutrient pods built directly into the device. The more advanced marijuana growers among us, on the other hand, have the option of manually controlling Leaf's dispensary system to create their own recipes, if you will. The best part? You can run the entire system via an iPhone app, and even watch your plants grow via an HD camera *also* built into the Leaf.

Of course, all this innovation comes at a hefty price. The Leaf will cost you a cool $1,500 to get your hands on, which doesn't even include the nutrient cartridges that run at $150 a pop. The manufacturers justify this by pointing the "retail value" of the 4-5 ounces you would grow per cycle, which lies at approximately $1,200, but are hopeful that they will be able to bring the prices down as the device popularizes (and the marijuana laws loosen).

Still though, $1,500 for what is essentially the Ronco Rotisserie of reefer? Count me in!

Head over to Get Leaf to learn more and place a $100 deposit down on your own "Plug n' Plant" system today.

Source: Tech Crunch


This is going to hit universities like an armoured train.

Wow. A product that every pot smoking douchebag will want. Add some hippy slogan, and they will be on this like flys to turd.

chocolate pickles:
Wow. A product that every pot smoking douchebag will want. Add some hippy slogan, and they will be on this like flys to turd.

Well, it worked for home brew kits and beer drinking assholes. Can't see why they wouldn't try these guys too.

Not everybody that smoke pot is a "pot smoking douchbag", lol. Honestly this is a great idea if you want to grow a little something and not feel like the DEA is watching your home. Perfect for apartments (which I live in). A little to pricey for a private stash grow IMO, but I guess over time it could pay for itself with home grown high quality weed.

I don't even smoke and I still think this is cool. Then again, I am exceptionally lazy - I'd love this if I could grow anything in it.

Don't smoke weed myself, but if selling the stuff becomes legal, I could maybe make a little extra money. Course probably everybody else will have the same idea and it'll flood the market <_<, so maybe not.

I wonder if they could alter the settings of these things to include other plants; always in the need for Broccoli.

Ah the brave new world.
Should we just put seeds in a spit of dirt so shit grows on it's own perfectly fine?
Nah that is the grandpa way, we need to spend several thousand bucks on fancy new gear and put ourselves onto a proprietary cartridge hustling scheme that will cost thousands more to grow shit!



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