Kevin Bacon Is Bringing Tremors Back to TV

Kevin Bacon Is Bringing Tremors Back to TV

Kevin Bacon will produce and star in a new Tremors TV series about Perfection, Nevada's giant, man-eating worms.

In 1990, Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward starred in a B movie about giant, man-eating earthworms called Tremors. Few expected much to come of it (including Bacon himself) but its strong performances, great creature effects, and bizarre sense of humor turned it into a critically-acclaimed cult classic. Now, 25 years later, Bacon is returning to a new Tremors TV series, both as star and executive producer.

That's right, Tremors fans: The Graboids are coming back for Bacon.

In the original film Bacon played as Valentine McKee, a handyman in the remote settlement of Perfection, Nevada. After a series of killings rock the town, Valentine and his partner Earl discover the truth: Enormous man-eating worms are digging through the Earth and consuming any living thing that sets foot on the ground. Tremors went on to gross $16.6 million, kicking off four direct-to-video sequels and a short-lived television series.

Since the new Tremors series is in its early stages, there's not a great deal of information available just yet. Bacon does intend to reprise his role as Valentine McKee, and the series will be developed by Blumhouse Productions. Andrew Miller of The Secret Circle is credited as writer, but no television network is attached to the series. There's also no word whether Michael Gross - the only actor to star in every Tremors project to date - will be involved in the new version.

Mostly though, I'm just excited for the prospect of a new spin on Tremors. While its sequels and spin-offs have a mixed quality, the original is an incredibly solid monster flick that wonderfully balances humor and horror. With Bacon producing, this new series might finally strike the balance that elevated Tremors past its shlockly B movie roots - or it'll just be an excuse to watch earthworms eat hapless citizens for a full season. Either way, I'm on board.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


You mean Kevin Bacon finally gets to play something other than a shitheel again. The 90's sure have not been kind to him.

I'm not expecting much from this. I don't see what more they could do with it other than retread old ground, no pun intended.

Not to nag, but the fourth movie was a prequel, not a sequel. I'd let it slide, but Tremors 4 is especially noteworthy for doing the nigh-impossible and being a prequel movie that was actually good.

I do wonder where they can go with it, though. Here's hoping it doesn't suck.

Y'know, before I read this, I didn't think I was that big of a Tremors fan. I like them, sure, but the level of joy this brings me is surprising.

Though now that I think about it, I like all the movies, yes even 4 and 5, and I adore the show, so hell yeah more Tremors!

Also there's no way Michael Gross won't be in this. It would be insane to not include the guy. Even aside from his importance, he still really seems to enjoy the character. He made Tremors 5 completely watchable on charisma alone.

But yeah, I've watched through the show multiple times and its one of my favorite underrated tv series so I'm excited as hell for this.

My only thought, no Michael Gross as Bert Gummer, then I'm not going to watch as most of the Tremors fan base would back me up on. That means he's likely going to make a return to the series. I kinda hope they get Fred Ward back too because Vale really needs Earl to play off, where as Earl was a strong enough character all on his own. Getting the full trio back would be awesome for a revival.

Having said that, this is still in development and there isn't even an IMDB page for it yet, so I'm not going to get too excited about the prospect.

I haven't had time to pop 5 in the dvd player yet, does it take off where the SciFi channel series ended, and if not, what are the odds that this show will? They pulled the plug on it before they could really go anywhere with it, and it seems like the obvious jumping off point.

Too much hype is running through my vains right now. I love this movies. So glad to see them appear alot lately what with the somewhat new movie and now this

Geez. I was literally joking about Kevin Bacon, and remaking Tremors three days ago (on Sunday) with my friends.
I seriously have to stop doing that.

I haven't had time to pop 5 in the dvd player yet, does it take off where the SciFi channel series ended, and if not, what are the odds that this show will? They pulled the plug on it before they could really go anywhere with it, and it seems like the obvious jumping off point.

Yes it does, several years after.

And 5 is actually surprisingly good. The CGI is leagues above 3 and 4, the ideas are interesting, and Jaime Kennedy isn't completely unbearable. I'd honestly say it's juuuust under 2, but above 3 and 4.

Should be titled. Aging Hollywood Actor makes last grab at spotlight.

Seriously I loved Tremours, and even fondly remember the series but it was kinda that lightning in a bottle scenario. EVery sequel basically convoluted the original idea for the sake of upping the ante. But all it really did was cauterize us as the graboid life cycle just became ridiculous.

In part one you could understand how such a species could exist unknown for milenia. Then they came up with a second phase.. Shriekers. Okay... at which point how did anyone miss or not know of packs of ravenus raptors running around the plains.... while shrieking. Then came ass blasters at which point. Yeah, there is no way those things could have been around and no one fricking noticed them.

But the movies were decent enough. But here's the thing. New series is either going to try and go all gritty and serious which really is not what the original was about, scary but it made you laugh and jump. Or they are going to try go for more funny in which case the jokes will likely come off as being forced. The trap the first TV series fell into.

Modern tv has gotten so good compared to how it used to be.

I hope this succeeds because the original tremors was one of the fond memories of my adolescence

They NEED to get Micheal Gross in on this. I love all 4 movies, but one of my favourite movie moments is in the second.

Well, I guess I am just happy to be privy to this critical, need to know information regarding one of my favourite movie franchises

I sure hope that here in Germany, it also regains it silly title as well ("im Land der Raketenw├╝rmer" - In the land of the rocketworms - for those that don't know). I did watch the original movie once years ago and kind of enjoyed it.


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