SDCard corruption was found while examining the volume bitmap

I have an SDCard that suddenly decided it didn't want to be read by the Android device it was in.

I plugged it into my PC and ran CHKDSK and it gave me 'corruption was found while examining the volume bitmap'.

Now I tried running 'CHKDSK g: /f' but after three hours of it doing nothing but telling me what I mentioned above, I kind of lost interest.

The thing is I can browse the files on my PC with no problem, I just can't access them in anyway. I can't open files or even copy them to my hard drive.

I don't really have any files on there that are irreplaceable with the exception of many game saves, which I'd kind of like to get back if possible.

Does anyone know of anyway to get files off the card or am I doomed to have to start all my games again?


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