Looking to get a Drawing Tablet

I got some spare cash for once, and realized that perhaps now I should finally buy a drawing tablet. Ive wanted one for awhile, but money was an issue.

I really like drawing, but never got beyond hobby. Supposedly I'm not too bad, but Id like to be better. and feel a tablet would help, since my biggest obstacle is being discouraged by mistakes that are not easy to fix with pencil and paper.

Anyways, I'm looking for a good beginner drawing tablet. Nothing too fancy, and definitely not too expensive, just something to let me draw without worrying so much about mistakes.

Id prefer one that shows me the drawing on the tablet, but if that is too expensive, or not recommended, let me know, cause seriously, I don't know what to be looking for.

I don't know what is considered expensive or cheap for this. I'm willing to spend a bit more if it would suit me better, rather than something really cheap that is absolute garbage, but I don't want to spend it all either.

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I would recommend an Intuos small or medium. They support full tilt sensitivity and have a higher DPI as well as better texture for drawing. The larger the size the more you can use your shoulder as it is better for your wrists and your shoulder is also much better at drawing curves and angles.

The Microsoft surface will be the best for you, try to see Microsoft surface pro 4 or 3, it great for drawing.

the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the best in drawing and all works too, it the greatest for the most work and multimedia with great performance but it expensive not a budget one so here is a collection of touch screen laptops http://www.touch4laptop.com/touch-screen-laptops/ at every price , i don't know your budget to suggest one but the touchscreen is the immportant here and you can buy pin a lone.
I have Asus TP200 2 in 1 laptop, it great but need higher perfromance so if you need one for drawing only it will be good as budget laptop.
hope this help :)

What's your price range?

There are some good screen tablets that are under $800, and I can agree with aliwaaliwa that a surface pro or surface book is a fantastic art tool. Their biggest downsides is there aren't any hotkeys like in Wacom products, but you can get an express remote or something similar to do that.

There is of course the tried and true Cintiq from wacom. The company might have their heads up their collective arses but their products are easily some of the best (if not the best) on the market.

Mrs B has a Cintiq and loves it. Pricy though. I have an old Graphire 2 that would still probably be okay for someone just testing the waters with using a tablet, though it's not a touch on the Intuos (but I can't draw so don't need one, I just use this for drawing cocks on things). Graphires are cheapy cheap on ebay (UK).

Edit: Mrs B did try out a Surface but didn't like it - the screen is too slick I think, and there's a bit too much delay in the screen update. I believe you can get screen overlays to give it a slightly rougher feel though.


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