Any good video editors that work on an Intel Atom core?

So, as of right now, all I have is a laptop with an intel atom core. I happen to think this is a fairly bad processor. But I know I can use some apps to take advantage of its limitations and make amazing videos. I have VSDC Video Editor Free, which runs okay, but lacks features I need. And since this is a 32 bit laptop, so I cannot download Vegas Pro 14 (although I would love to) and I cannot afford any full featured editors. Anyone have any recommendations for video editors that are open source or just straight up freeware? Please be nice when responding, its just a simple question. I feel like I'm out of options. My requested features are:
Visual FX
Visualizer Capabilities
Wide Variety of Transitions
Wide Variety of Text Animations
Recording of Screen, Webcam, and Audio

Unfortunately, there are not so many options of freeware with the features you're looking for.
You can check out Blender - it's the most powerful open source video editing software I am aware of. It's focused on animation though.
Among free programs, VSDC is clearly the best option - and btw it has both screen recorder and split screen features.
You can also check out Lightworks free version and combine it with a 3rd party screen recorder.


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