Poll: Are you still playing Battlefield 4 Multi Player?

I just saw a video suggesting that more people are playing and sticking with Battlefield 4 than Battlefield 1 (WW1: newest release).

Any truth to that? Are you still playing BF4? Have you played 1 and find it inferior, haven't moved on or find you can give time to both, enjoying both?

I was, until their fuckawful anti-cheat decided I was no longer allowed to.

I was, until their fuckawful anti-cheat decided I was no longer allowed to.

That's terrible! Sorry to hear that.

I tried to boot it up after downloading it again and got a black screen. I'll try again.

And I'm bumming that COD is getting shade. My boy just got it. Star Wars B2 is getting slaughtered (already on sale for $40). What's a guy looking for a FPS to do?

Battlefield 4 is a fantastic game, and probably one of the best in the series. Funny how it went from being trash, be being great.

The destruction could have been better, but the shooting mechanics are ace. Same can't be said for BF1.

Aside from WoW and HotS, it is my most played PC game.

Battlefield 4 on average has about 13,000 players on PC daily.
Battlefield 1 seems to have about 18-20,000 on PC.

So yeah, it seems to have a healthy playercount.


I've started playing again last week and can say the only difficulty I've had finding a match was for the DLC maps. There are servers that have them in rotation, but it's a lot less common, especially if you're limited to North American servers.

I tried BF1 on the Origin Access service, and it's a pretty awful game imo. I've never been more bored with a game's weapon variety, and some of these maps are absolutely terrible...One map is so bad, you'll constantly die to the first team to get snipers set up, with little to no possible retaliation.

Plus I don't care for the WWI setting and don't understand anyone who did.

Never played it. I don't like games where multiplayer is way better than single-player (or worse, multiplayer only).

Is it any good on the console now? Because when I played the beta, the fact that aim-assist was basically auto-aim killed any interest I even had in the game. Plus, it has no lean or no slide mechanics on top of that.

Nah, while I enjoyed it I only got in around 75 hours playing it. It felt more of the same after Battlefield 3 (170 hours game time), 4 was the better game but it was way too similar to keep me interested for too long.

Battlefield 1 was a nice change of pace, I was so tired of every popular shooter being set in the future or modern times for YEARS. I enjoy Battlefield 1 and I probably have around 150-200 hours of game time in it, though I feel like it lacks content compared to BF4, which is a downside of having a game set in world war 1 where guns and attachments weren't nearly as varied like they are today or will be in the future.


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