Dreams; Developer of Little Big Planet's upcoming creative game for PS4

MediaMolecule, the developers behind the Little Big Planet series have a title prepared for later this year called 'Dreams' - a game/art/object/character creation tool that intends to allow an easy and fun method for anybody to create and upload anything that can also be used by others to create or simply inspire.

They have been busy seemingly with many streams showcasing the potential and style of the systems within. All can be performed with a dualshock pad also;

Interesting looking stuff. The music video is error'd up though. I like the sculpting ones. Like virtual clay.

cheers for the heads up, its now been unerrorfied ;) (the clay feel looks like it will be an interesting one for VR support also)

Weird. I remember seeing a trailer for this way back during the launch of the PS4. After that, it kind of went dead. I thought the project was shut down.


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