The Evil Within 2: First Person

I must say, it got my attention. Makes me want to finish the first one and if it's half way enjoyable, I might give this a go.

Got to say, I didn't like the first game that much, but from the footage I've seen of the second one, it looks to be a lot better. So I might pick it up at some point, there is not much out this year that I want to play. So I am basically finishing stuff that I stopped playing and picking up stuff I missed last year.

That's a nice addition, especially considering it's free.

Definitely interesting, but doubt I would use it. Sounds like it could unnecessarily restrict your vision, and you really fucking need it in that game, trust me.

When I saw this I considered picking it up. I didn't yet because I have enough games, but when I need something to play, I'll get it for certain.

First person makes horror games or games with a horror atmosphere vastly more effective for me. I've never been scared of a third person horror game. Seeing a character I'm controlling on screen makes it very difficult to forget that it's just a video game I'm playing. If the character dies I just see "Oh. Well, whatever. It's a fake person that died."

If it's in first person, though I still know it's a video game, after awhile my brain falls into a state of "I'm here. This is happening. I'm in danger."
It's why RE7 was the only RE game to actually give me a bit of fear, rather than be bored to tears or laughing at the cheesiness. I'm not saying every RE game or horror game needs to do first person, but RE7 was enough to get my attention, and if they make another game like that now and again, I'll be a fan.

^I wonder if RE7's success had anything to do with their decision to add this...yeeeaaah probably.

This actually has me pretty intrigued. I saw a let?s play of this one as I had no intent of buying it, it looked fun but a bit easy and after a while not scary. This would likely fix both of those issues by keeping you less aware of your surroundings and having enemies get in your face for more visceral scares. I might pick this up sometime now

The first game is absolutely terrible. Given that it was so bad, i fail to see any reason to give another iteration any chance at all.

The first game is absolutely terrible. Given that it was so bad, i fail to see any reason to give another iteration any chance at all.

The sequel was directed by a completely different person and didn't come out in a rushed and unfinished state.

It's still not a perfect game, but it's a hell of a lot better and much more fun and cohesive.

But yeah, I agree with you, the first game was pretty much trash, and so buggy I'd consider it nearly unplayable.

Loved the first game. Yeah, controls were a bit archaic and not as tight as people have come to expect from a modern action game but it doesn't really take long to get used to them and then the game is super fun with tense and hectic engagements. The biggest draw however is the eccentric style of the game with lots of imaginative monsters and 'out there' moments. The sequel is mechanically superior but also a bit bland and mundane. It takes itself too serious and Sebastian seems like a completely different character. No longer the eclectic oddball but now a kind of 'The Last Us' Jeol with his ''muh family'' crap. Speaking of The Last of Us TEW2 seems very much inspired by it making the whole game feel like a cheap knock-off. Bosses in particular are crap with environmental traps that aren't communicated well to the player and the horrible practice of re-using bosses as regular enemies later in the game. Which is another criticism; the low variety of monsters. The open world was actually the best part. Those segments were small and compact and didn't feel like wasted space and had lots of emergent gameplay moments where the fairly good combat actually excelled.

TEW2 is not a bad game but a first person mode or not I don't feel necessarily compelled to play through it again. :p

Quite liked this game. Am tempted to give it another shot with FPS, maybe not a serious run but just a NG+ blast through. Of course people are going to draw parallels with RE7, but I honestly didn't like it that much, despite loving that franchise.

What I'm most curious about is how the stealth is gonna work. After nearly maxing the stealth upgrades, the game plays kinda goofy. I mean the enemies can still see you and detect you, but after a tiny bit of cat-and-mouse and dodging around a corner (i.e: brief break of line of sight) they lose you and you can do the stealth takedown. Which I appreciated actually, kept the pace up somewhat and not drag the gameplay down. But it did feel a bit silly. But to be honest with myself, if there as an option to make monsters take much longer to lose you, I'd keep it the way it was.

Now with FPS mode though, it could be a little more tense, because although the monsters are dumb, they're also damn erratic. Cones of vision are not static like in other games, bastards are always swinging left and right, turning in random directions and whatnot. Makes for some really tense crouch walks.

I loved the game and I've watched some gameplay of the first person mode but it looks kinda half-assed at times.

I watch the trailer for this game its really awesome game. Anyone guide me what configuration need to play this game.

I hoped and waited for a sequel and was excited when it was finally announced, but The Evil Within 2 is a lot worse. Much blander, and going (sort of) open world was a mistake. I didn't even finish it. I feared the worst when I learned Mikami wouldn't direct and was right to be worried. The team is just as clueless without him as Capcom was with Resident Evil.

This first person view doesn't matter to me, since the camera isn't as zoomed in as in the original anyway.


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