Chimpzy's Freebie Info - Ziggurat & For Honor

G'day all, Chimpzy again with more freebies. Today I found for you:


It's a singleplayer rogue-lite FPS dungeon crawler. Don't know much more tho. It's available for free for the next 30 hours or so from GOG. Yours to keep and DRM-free cuz GOG.

For Honor

Ubisoft has announced a big update for For Honor at E3 and made the PC-version free until the end of the event (i.e. June 18th). Also yours to keep. It does require Uplay tho. Also, don't know how healthy the player base for it is.

Anyway, if interested, nab what you want while you can.


I don't have much more to add other then stating that I appreciate you posting these freebie threads.


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