Poll: So which conference won E3?

After choosing, please state the following on why you chose that conference

1. Press conference as generall
2. Gameplay that won you over
3. Announcement/teaser that won you over
2. If it's Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo, what exclusive game did win you over?
3. If you chose all other presentations, what game did they win you over with?

So far of the games announced I care about are:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (even though Graphically it looks like a 2009 game)
Metro Exodus
Kingdom Hearts 3 (just for that Pirates 3 At World's End level)
Devil May Cry 5
Doom Eternal
MABYE Elder Scrolls 6 but they hardly shown anything
Babylon's Fall
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Mabye Dragon Quest XI
MABYE Skulls and Bones if they actually show Boarding and Melee Combat aswell as Sea Monsters
Ghost of Tsushima
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Resident Evil 2: Remake
Assassin's Creed Oddessy (Mabye)
Smash Bros Ultimate

And if I got into them, the new expansions for the MMOs Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online, Ivalice and Summerset Isles respectively.

None of them? Not a single one of them showed something that blew my mind or even piqued my interest. Not a bad E3, not a good one E3, just a forgettable one.

Its E3. It was all lies and corporate marketing. Pick one game from E3, of all the games shown. That one game might be okay. Everything else will be at the best a disappointment, but more likely just another grave in the rapidly overflowing AAA cemetery.

For me that's going to be Ori 2. I loved the first and hope the second scrapes by with limited micro-transactions and Day-1 DLC.


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